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Shopping in Bhopal

Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, the largest state of India. Abounding in attractive tourist spots and providing immense business opportunities to the travelers, Bhopal witnesses huge tourist footfall every year. The growth is steady. However, it is not just the business prospects or tourist attractions in Bhopal that play major role in attracting travelers to this city. There are various other factors also that help in drawing the attention of the travelers. Of these, Shopping in Bhopal, India deserves special mention.

There are many markets and bazaars in Bhopal which make Shopping in Bhopal a treasured and most fun-filled moment of life. In this bustling city, if you are venturing upon shopping then you are sure to make most of your trip to Bhopal. The markets are very colorful and reflect the true spirit of the locals.

Visiting vibrant bazaars in Bhopal is going to be nothing less than a complete enjoyment. Set amidst the array of imposing havelis and holy mosques, the markets offer exclusive opportunities for shopping in Bhopal.

The two important market places in Bhopal are Chowk and New Market. These market areas offer a variety of colorful items. You will get absolutely confused as to what you should buy and what you should leave out. The Bazaars in Bhopal are ideal for buying gifts and souvenirs for your dear ones back home. Moreover you get the best deal in these places with a little bit of convincing bargaining.

To make shopping an experience of lifetime, the city offers exciting Bhopal shopping facilities in the Mrignayani Emporium and Handicrafts Emporium. From these places you can buy yourself souvenirs. Truly speaking, these are the right places to satisfy your shopaholic spirit.

Adding further to your pleasant experience of shopping in Bhopal are the Women's Co-op Zari Centre and Pir Gate. Here you can splurge on elaborate and exquisite zari works and chiffon sarees.

Bhopal shopping is an exciting and engrossing idea. If you are also planning a tour to Bhopal to splurge on shopping then browse through the links below that offer full info on the bazaars and the items for which this city is famous.