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Ali-ai-Ligang Festival

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    Assam, Northeast India

The Ali-ai-Ligang Festival is celebrated in the state of Assam, northeast of India. The state of Assam is a land of fairs and festivals, the majority of which are celebrated with the flavor of brotherhood and harmony. Most of the tribal festivals celebrated in Assam, are springtime festivals, related to the cultivation or harvest. The Festival of Ali-ai-Ligang in Assam is a spring festival celebrated by the Mishing Tribe of people.

Description of Ali-ai-Ligang Festival:

The Ali-ai-Ligang Festival is the most vibrant festival of the Mishing people. The name Ali-ai-Ligang is significant; “Ali” means root and seed, “ai” means fruit and “Ligang” means sow. This is the reason why, the sowing in of paddy is started on this day ritually. After the ceremonial sowing of the paddy seeds, a dance is performed by the young boys and girls of the tribe. In the Assam Ali-ai-Ligang Festival, this popular dance performed by the young people is characterized by rapid stepping, flinging and fluttering of hands. The dance rule also demands swinging of hips which reflect vernal passion and procreative urge along with enjoyment.

During The Ali-ai-Ligang Festival of Assam, after the sowing ceremony and the traditional dance function, a grand feast is essential. For the feast, ‘Poro Aapong’ or rice beer, dried fish and Pork is a must. During the entire time stretch of the festival, certain taboos are purely observed with respect to cutting trees, ploughing, fishing, burning jungles and many more.

Time of Celebration of Ali-ai-Ligang Festival:

The Ali-ai-Ligang Festival in Assam is celebrated during the spring season. It is held every year on the first Wednesday of the month of ‘Ginmur Polo’ or February-March. The Ali-ai-Ligang Festival in Assam goes on continuously for 5 days.