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Fairs and Festivals in Karnataka

There is an array of colorful celebrations associated with Karnataka and its people. These fairs and festivals in Karnataka are a reflection of the variety and the colorful heritage of this enchanting state of South India. All these fairs and festivals of Karnataka hold a special significance with the people of the state as these create premises for social interaction and togetherness. Karnataka has special festivals and fairs that are celebrated in every village and town of the state. These festivals and fairs range from being religious,cultural to being associated with the day to day lives of the myriad people.

Different Fairs and Festivals in Karnataka

The different fairs and festivals of Karnataka have social significance and are celebrated by the multi religious people of the state with gaiety and pomp. Some Fairs of Karnataka are Sri Vithappa fair, Godachi fair,Shri Yellamma Devi fair, Banashankari Devi fair. Names of some festivals in Karnataka are Dusshera, Hampi Festival, Buffalo race festival, Vairamudi festival and Tula Sankramana.

List of Fair and Festivals in Karnataka

Hampi Festival

Hampi in Karnataka was once the flourishing capital of the glorious Vijayanagar Empire which was one of the greatest empires of the Indian history. The city, now almost in ruins comes alive with a lot of color, music and dance once a year, during the Hampi Festival. To reach Hampi, the nearest Airport would be Bellary which is about 74 kms from... read more»

Kambala Festival in Karnataka

Kambala Festival, a rural festival of Karnataka is celebrated every year with a lot of enthusiasm and vigor. The Kambala Festival is popular because of the Buffalo Race associated with it. The Kambala Buffalo Race is held with a lot of colors, grandeur and merriment. This rural sporting festival of Karnataka was at one point of time a pastime... read more»

Pattadakkal Dance Festival

Pattadakkal Dance Festival is an annual dance festival which is held annually in Pattadakkal, a small town located in the southern state of Karnataka, India. This event is organized by the Government of Karnataka in the month of January. Dancers perform at the backdrop of the world famous Pattadakal temples. Constructed during the 7th and 8th... read more»


The harvest festival of Pongal is celebrated in different parts of the country but variations mark the way in which they are celebrated. In Karnataka the Festival of Pongal is celebrated with a lot of revelry. It is also known by the name of Sankranti. Friends and relatives visit one another to exchange greetings. Description of the Pongal... read more»

Sri Vithappa Fair

One of the most popular fairs of Karnataka, Sri Vithappa fair is held in the respect of God Vithappa  in the village Vithappa. This fair had started around 200 years back and from that point of time, this celebration has been organized on a regular basis every year without fail.  This three-day fair takes place immediately after the... read more»

Dasara Fair

Dasara Fair is an event to mark the victory of good over evil. Mysore celebrates Navaratri in the form of this fair. The tremendous popularity of the festival has earned it the status "Naada Habba" or the State Festival of Karnataka. It is a great fair to be a part of as the fair features a number of events that are an integral part of... read more»

Dussehra in Karnataka

One of the major festivals of the Hindus celebrated with great pomp and festivities is the Dussehra. The Dussehra Festival in Karnataka is a 10 day carnival that was once celebrated with a lot of extravagance by the Vijayanagara Empire in Karnataka, once the greatest Empire ruling the south. Later, these festivities became a part of the... read more»

Tula Sankramana Festival

There is a strong belief among the people of Kodagu in Karnataka, that during a particular time of the year , Goddess Cauvery appears in a small tank as a sudden surge of water, in front of the hundreds of devotes who gather here. This divine ‘darshan’ is celebrated every year in Kodagu during the Tula Sankramana Festival, with a lot... read more»

Vairamudi Festival in Karnataka

The Vairamudi Festival in Karnataka is a part of the grand celebrations of Brahmotsavam that takes place during the Panguni month. It is on the fourth day of the Brahmotsavam that the Vairamudi Festival is celebrated. This festival in Karnataka is held at the temple of Cheluvanarayana in Melkote. Description of the Vairamudi Festival... read more»