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May Day

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    01/05/2015 - 01/05/2015

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    All Over India

Rajasthan is a great tourist destination for a number of reasons. The variety of attractions includes places with natural beauty, historical importance. The variety also includes a number of places with religious importance. This helps in making Rajasthan one of the most sought after tourist attractions in the world. The various fairs and festivals in Rajasthan are also a major draw for the tourists. A number of fairs and festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm in this part of the world. The May Day is neither a fair not a festival as such. It is observed as Labor's Day throughout the world. Rajasthan also shares the same sentiment towards this day. The May Day Rajasthan is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. Rajasthan takes this opportunity to show its respect and honor towards the labor forces of the country. It has its own way of celebrating this day unlike Maharashtra or Gujarat which observes this day as Maharashtra day or Gujarat day.

History of May Day

Rajasthan has a huge number of labors. This further increases the significance of the day in the state. Moreover, May Day has a great historical significance as well. This day also reminds us of the Haymarket Riot of 1886. The riot held in Chicago actually resulted to labor arrest in 1st May of that year. The riot had devastating effect on the labor class of the society as a large number of labors were killed and injured. This tragic incident actually ruined a number of families as women lost their husbands and children lost their fathers. Since then, this day is regarded as Labor Day or May Day as a remembrance of this incident

May Day is celebrated through out the world. Cultural shows are organized in various parts of the world. Most of these cultural shows have themes based on livelihood, food, governance and employment. These cultural shows are attended by a large number of people who get a vivid knowledge about the significance of May Day.

May Day in Rajasthan

May Day Rajasthan is also a great affair. Rajasthan is a place that has a high percentage of labors. The labor community comprises of both male and female workers. In fact, it is one of those states which lead in terms of women labors. This is very much reflected as you get into the interiors of Rajasthan. it is very common to sight to see women carrying Ghara overhead while walking through the sandy fields of Rajasthan. However, May Day is not meant for physical labors only. It also pays respect to mental labors. May Day Rajasthan becomes further significant as there are also a number of bank workers, officers etc. who works in other sectors. This day is also meant for them. There are also a number of camps organized in various parts of Rajasthan. These camps provide the right platform to the labors of the state to speak about their difficulties. As a result, they get a chance to draw the attention of the authority in solving the problem.

Time for the celebration of May Day, Rajasthan

May Day is celebrated on the 1st of May every year. Hence, if you are planning to visit the place during the month of May then make sure you visit the various May Day camps in the state. It will give you an idea about the condition of labor class of the state.

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