Hotels in Bikaner

One of the principal destinations of the Desert circuit in Rajasthan, Bikaner is visited by a large number of tourists throughout the year. The city is located on the northern part of the state of Rajasthan and is a popular tourist destination. Travelers and tourists not only from different corners of India but also from various parts of the world travel to Bikaner. The city of Bikaner is famous for its sand dunes, medieval era architecture and numerous hotels. Popularly known as the Camel Country', the hotels in Bikaner range from budget hotels to luxury hotels.

Bikaner was founded by Rao Bikaji in the year 1486. The city of Bikaner has undergone a huge progression from the time it was established to the present day. This city was under the rule of a number of kings and emperors who have influenced both the growth and development of Bikaner. Over the years, Bikaner has evolved to a prime tourist destination owing to its major development in the tourism of the city.

The numerous hotels that have dotted the entire city of Bikaner have helped in the development of the tourism of the city. Visitors traveling from different parts of the world do not find problem while searching for accommodation in Bikaner. In addition, Bikaner is very well connected to the other parts of Rajasthan which makes it easier for the tourists to travel to this enchanting city.

Luxury and Heritage Hotels of Bikaner

There are a number of heritage as well as luxury hotels in Bikaner that offer world class facilities and services. The numerous luxury and heritage hotels are ideal choice for those tourists who want to experience the royalty and traditional of Rajasthan. The different luxury and heritage hotels of Rajasthan offers excellent accommodation along with world class dining and various other services and facilities.

Budget Hotels of Bikaner

For the budget travelers, Bikaner comes with ample of budget hotels options. The different budget hotels can be classified into guesthouses, economy hotels, cheap hotels, lodges and many more. Though the facilities and services offered in these hotels are not world-class, these make sure that the guests have a comfortable stay.

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Lallgarh Palace
Lallgarh Palace Lallgarh Complex, Ganganagar Road, District- Bikaner, 334001, Rajasthan, India(250 km. from Jodhpur Airport, 3 km. from BikanerRailway Station and 0.5 km.from Bikaner Main Bus Stand) , Rajasthan, India
Gaj Kesari
Gaj Kesari Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. , Rajasthan, India
Basant Vihar Palace
Basant Vihar Palace N.H. - 15, Sri Ganganagar Road, Bikaner - 334002, Rajasthan, India, Airport 250 km, Railway Station 3km, Bus Terminus 1 km , Rajasthan, India
Bhanwar Niwas Palace
Bhanwar Niwas Palace Rampura Street, Bikaner-334 005, India(1 km from Railway Station and 2 km from BusStation), Rajasthan, India
Gajner Palace Hotel
Gajner Palace Hotel Tahshil Kolagat, Distt - Bikaner, India.
Jodhpur Airport - 260 km,
Bikaner Railway Station - 32 km, Rajasthan, India
Karni Bhawan Palace
Karni Bhawan Palace Gandhi Colony, Bikaner - 334001, Rajasthan, India (240 km. from Jodhpur Airport, 4 km. from Bikaner Railway Station and 1 km. from Bikaner Bus Stand) , Rajasthan, India
Laxmi Niwas Palace
Laxmi Niwas Palace Lallgarh Complex, Dr. Karni Singh Road, Bikaner, Rajasthan -334001 (250 km from Airport, 3 km from Railway Station, 1 km Bus Station), Rajasthan, India
Raj Vilas Palace
Raj Vilas Palace Public Park, Bikaner - 334001, Rajasthan.
Jodhpur Airport - 250 km,
Bikaner Railway Station - 1 km, Rajasthan, India
Heritage Resort
Heritage Resort Bikaner- Jaipur Road, Bikaner, Jodhpur Airport 256 km, Railway Station 12 km , Rajasthan, India
Kishan Palace
Kishan Palace Near Railway Station, Rani Bazaar, Bikaner., Rajasthan, India
Maan Bilas
Maan Bilas Maan Bilas, Bikaner is located within Lalgarh Palace Complex in Bikaner at a distance of about 5 km from the Bikaner railway station and is easily accessible from anywhere in the city. , Rajasthan, India
Marudhar Heritage
Marudhar Heritage Close to the Railway Station, Bikaner., Rajasthan, India
Meghsar Castle
Meghsar Castle Meghsar Castle is located on the Gajner road, Bikaner and is easily accessible from the market area and most of the attractions in Bikaner.

, Rajasthan, India
Regent Hotel
Regent Hotel Sadul Colony, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India, Rajasthan, India
Sagar Hotel
Sagar Hotel 256 km from Jaipur,
a close distance from the railway station and bus stand., Rajasthan, India
Shri Ram Hotel
Shri Ram Hotel Sadul Ganj, Bikaner.
2.5 km away from the Railway Station,
, Rajasthan, India
Suraj Hotel
Suraj Hotel Near Railway Station, Rani Bazaar, Bikaner., Rajasthan, India
Jaswant Bhawan
Jaswant Bhawan Jaswant Bhawan is situated at Modern Market in Bikaner and is easily accessible from anywhere in the city as well as the other attractions in the city. The Hotel offers comfortable and decent accommodation facility and is one of the best Budget Hotels in , Rajasthan, India
Hotel Shivam
Hotel Shivam Hotel Shivam is situated at 69 A, Sadul Ganj in Bikaner and is easily accessible from anywhere in the city as well as the other attractions in the city. The Hotel offers comfortable and decent accommodation facility and is one of the best Budget Hotels in, Rajasthan, India
Asopa Hotel
Asopa Hotel Near the Railway Station, Rajasthan, India
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