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In the south-west coast of the Indian peninsula is the scenic state of Kerala. One of the important and vibrant cities of Kerala is Kochi or Cochin as the English called. It is also called the Queen of the Arabian Sea and the Gateway to Kerala

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    Growth in trade and commercialization has led to the rise of Kochi as the most important city in Kerala and one of the major cities on the west coast of India. Being an important commercial hub of southern India, it is frequented by tourists all round the year. Accommodations in the city are wide ranging. It suits the purses of all- the affluent to the economic class. Volga Tourist Home, Kochi is one of the economy lodging facilities in Cochin. While visiting this vibrant city, having one of the important ports of India, you can avail various resorts, hotels and lodges of Cochin. You will find accommodation according to your budget in this city. Volga Tourist Home , Kochi will offer you good lodging facilities with comfortable rooms at a cheap rate. The food available is also sumptuous and reasonable.
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