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Tourist Attractions in Bundi

Famous for a number of forts, havelis, temples and havelis, Bundi has grown up the ladder in terms of tourist popularity. The tourist attractions in Bundi provide an excellent experience to the tourists. Hence, you must consider Bundi during your Rajasthan tours.

About Bundi

Located at the foothills of the big hill with a lake in its central part, Bundi is one of the most sought after Rajasthan Tourist Attractions. The wide variety of Bundi tourist attractions is just perfect to suit the varied tastes of the tourists. Moreover, each of the tourist attractions has a unique appeal and that lures even more number of tourists towards Bundi.

Forts in Bundi

Bundi has a number of forts and palaces as its main tourist attraction. Tourist attractions like Taragarh Fort is a must watch during Bundi tours. The particular fort is a great attraction for tourists as the 14th century fort boasts a splendid architecture. The fort also has other attractions like the Bhim Burj, which is a big battlement with cannon. It has a large reservoir that is carved out of the lone piece of rock. Apart from the beauty of the fort itself, the fort also offers a breathtaking view of the sunset. The Bundi Palace and the Sukh Mahal are also a great attraction for the tourists.

Steep wells

However, the attraction of Bundi is not confined to forts and palaces. Tourist attractions in Bundi also include the steep wells, called baoris and the local parlance. Though there were 50 steep wells but currently not all of them are in a state to visit. The renowned ones are Nagar Sagar Kund, Nawal Sagar and Ranjii ki Baori. Another key attraction of Bundi tours is taking the boat ride top access the temple of Lord Varuna. Half submerged in water. This further justifies that sightseeing Bundi is embedded with a lot of variety.

Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri

Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri is also an integral part of tourist attractions in Bundi. Having a pavilion that is supported by as many as 84 building pillars, it was built by Rao Anirudh Singh in the year 1683. Though the two storeyed building has a dual significance of being a renowned temple as well as a cenotaph, its significance as a cenotaph has declined over the period of time. Hence, visiting Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri is also a great experience for tourists.

Lakes and gardens

The lakes and gardens are also popular tourist attractions in Bundi. Most of these lakes and gardens have a story behind them and provide an insight into the rich culture and history of the place. These lakes and gardens also serve the purpose of beautifying the place and make Bundi tours even more pleasant for tourists.

Shopping n Bundi

However, Bundi tours are regarded incomplete without an experience of shopping. Some of the local precuts like Kota sarees, wooden toys, lac bangles and stone statues are often bought by tourists to gift to their close ones or take it as a memento of the Bundi tour.