Churches in Shimla

The Churches in Shimla are some of the best Churches in Himachal Pradesh. Dotting the skyline of this state capital, these tall churches are not just places of worship for the Christian community residing here but also some of the foremost tourist attractions of this city. The visitors are enamored not just by its scenic beauty but also by the sight of these magnificent structures.

Of all the Churches in Shimla, the Christ Church is not just the oldest church in the Shimla but also the second oldest church in the whole of Northern India. The most striking structure in vibrant mall area of Shimla is this church which was designed by Colonel JT Boileau in 1844. Later additions include the clock in 1860 and the porch in 1873. Unfortunately the clock is no longer operational. 

There was a time when the number of people coming to attend this church for prayers numbered so many that it would be difficult to accommodate them. Presently the numbers have dwindled even though tourists keep visiting it and are particularly impressed by the stained glass windows.

The brasses and plaques are sure to attract your attention as well. Another interesting feature of this church which is undisputedly the most magnificent among all the Churches in Shimla is that its windows represent the virtues of Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Patience and Humility.

Overlooking the ridge, this landmark church amongst all the Churches in Shimla should not definitely be missed when visiting Shimla. It overlooks the ridge and stands in all its glory and majesty even to this day. Some of the other Churches in Shimla which are well worth a visit are the St. Michael' Cathedral and Roman Catholic Cathedral. There is something so serene and so pleasant about the ambience of these Churches in Shimla that anyone is sure to feel better and spiritually uplifted after a visit to them. 

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