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  • Entrance Fee Indian: Rs.10
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Hawa Mahal

Jaipur used to be the capital of the princely states that were ruled by the Rajputs. One of the most well planned of the pre-modern Indian cities, Jaipur is also known as the pink city. Though there are a number of Jaipur Tourist attractions, yet the monuments in Jaipur have a unique appeal. The splendid beauty of their architecture along with historical significance makes them popular among the tourists. Though there are a number of monuments in Rajasthan yet some manage to attract more tourists than others. The Hawa Mahal is one such monument that occupies a special place in a tourist’s heart. Built in 1799 by Maharaja Pratap Singh, it is the palace of breeze that provides an enriching experience to the tourists.

Attractions of Hawa Mahal

The Hawa Mahal is a part of the City Centre Complex in Jaipur. The splendid Rajput style architecture of the palace provides a window into the character of the city. Features like 953 windows in front of the monument enhance the honeycomb look of the palace. These windows also provide an insight into the Rajput tradition which didn’t allowed the ladies from going outside the palace. The windows were built with the purpose of proving the ladies of the palace to have a view of the street outside. However, the window also served another purpose of circulating the palace as the cool breeze comes inside the palace through these windows.

There are also a number of other remarkable features of the palace that continues to astonish the tourists. The five storey building built with red and pink sandstone is highlighted with lime does not feature any stairs. It only has ramps to go from one floor to another. The gateway opens into a courtyard that has Rajasthani style written all over it. It is also a beautiful feature of the palace. These features will reflect further facts about the palace. A keen observation of the various features of the palace will also let you understand that it was not built for residential purpose. It also reveals that fact that Rajputs had a great longing for luxury blended with art and architecture. The hanging cornices in the casements of the monuments are also beautiful enough to draw your attention.

How to Reach

One of the main reasons for Jaipur to develop into one of the most visited tourist destinations is its well connectivity with the rest of the country. The city is very well connected through air, rail and road. If you want to drive your way to Jaipur then accessing the NH 11 will really make your task very easy as the particular road linking Bikaner and Agra also passes through Jaipur. Direct trains from different major railway stations also make it an easily accessible place for tourists from different parts of the country. As far as the foreign tourists are concerned, there are number of domestic flights and international flights plying to and from Jaipur airport to help them. Once you reach Jaipur by any of these flights, it is an easy drive to the Hawa Mahal.