Kullu Manali Tourist Attractions

The mighty Himalayas watching over the northern boundaries of the country are always ready to surprise mountain lovers with its variety. From moist greenery in the eastern Himalayas to the rugged terrain of Ladakh, Himalayas are ready to take your breath away in all its apparel.

The tourist attractions in Kullu-Manali apart from the gurgling Beas and the canopy of Deodar trees are more than you can count on your fingers nad here is a list of a few of them.

Tourist Attractions in Kullu-Manali

  • Raghunathji Temple -revered as the most important and the holiest place in Kullu, this temple is dedicated to lord Raghunathji another form of Lord Rama. The temple was built by Raja Jagat Singh, the king of Kullu who brought the present idol of the god from Ayodhya(the birth place of Lord Rama) and established here.
  • Bijli Mahadev Temple -Located at a distance of 10 km from the town Kullu across the Beas river, the Bijli Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is so named because there is a 20 meter high rod projecting out of the shrine, which is said to catch lightening from the skies and destroy them below the Shivlingam(the symbol of Lord Shiva). The temple offers a panoramic view of the Kullu valley and is worth visiting.
  • The Great Himalayan National Park -It is home to a diverse variety flora and fauna with around 300 bird species and more than 30 animal species.
  • Basheshwar Mahadev Temple - This 9th century temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is popular for its intricate stone carvings.

Tourist Attractions in Manali

  • Hidimba Devi Temple -The present wooded temple of goddess Hadimba Devi, the wife of Lord Bhima of the Mahabharata was built by Maharaja Bahadur Singh in 1553. This four story temple is renowned for its carvings of animals, plants and local deities. Inside the temple is a small brass idol of the statue of goddess Hadimba. This is one f the most popular tourist attractions in Kullu-Manali.
  • Vashist Spring -These sulphur hot springs are considered as sacred and known for its medicinal and rejuvenating values. You can take a refreshing warm dip in one of the kunds.
  • Manali Sanctuary -Located at a distance of 2km from the down town Manali, the wildlife sanctuary was first notified in the year 1954 and is home to a variety of Himalayan flora and fauna with animal species like lion, snow leopard, ibex etc.
  • Winter Carnival -The annual five-day winter carnival of Manali is celebrated every year in the month of January at a time when Manali slumbers under a thick blanket of snow. The festival starts from the Hadimba Devi Temple with the worship of goddess Hadimba. Various cultural and winter sports and cultural events are organized during this festival and attracts a large number of participants and tourists from all parts of the country.

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