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Monuments in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is one of the larger states situated in the heart of India. The State has an elaborate association with the glorious history of India, some of the relics of which are scattered throughout the state. Among such remnants, the Monuments in Madhya Pradesh are the prime source of historical evidences that form the Tourist Attractions in Madhya Pradesh. These Monuments in Madhya Pradesh, India have been established in various ages dating as early as the first century A.D. Several Dynasties contributed to these sites as the chronological history of the state shows,.Hence each one of them bear a definite identity of its own which reflects the cultural backdrop of the age and the generation to which it belongs.

An array of structures has been incorporated under the category of Madhya Pradesh Monuments. These include forts, palaces, temples (of Hindus and Jains), mosques, tombs, churches,  stupas, tanks, reservoirs, and caves cut out of rocks. These Monuments in Madhya Pradesh are maintained by various governmental as well as non governmental bodies like Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums, and Archeological Survey of India. Of these, as many as 335 Monuments in Madhya Pradesh are preserved by the Department of Archaeology of the State Government of Madhya Pradesh while the Archaeological Survey of India is maintaining about 282 of them.

All in all, the Monuments in Madhya Pradesh are prime contributors towards making Travel to Madhya Pradesh, a memorable experience.

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