Tourist attractions in Mount Abu

Want to get the flavor of tranquil beauty of India? There is hardly a place better than Rajasthan. With a lot of people going to various places in Rajasthan to catch a glimpse of its variety of attractions, tourist footfall in Rajasthan have been constantly increasing. Rajasthan Tourist Attractions are plenty in numbers. However, Mount Abu is a prominent name in that list and manages to attract a lot of tourists. When rest of Rajasthan experiences comparatively less number of tourists due to the scorching heat, Mount Abu experiences a high footfall of tourists as it provides a respite from the scorching heat. Moreover, there are a number of tourist attractions in Mount Abu. These tourist attractions make the only hill station of Rajasthan a favorable place for the tourists.

Endowed with a certain level of divinity, Mount Abu draws a large number of tourists through out the year. The various tourist attractions in Mount Abu offer a lot of variety to the tourists and as a result deliver a satisfying experience to most of the tourists. Some of the Mount Abu tourist attractions are as follows:

Museums in Mount Abu:

The museums in Mount Abu are an integral part of Mount Abu tourist attractions. These museums have a large variety of exhibits that provides a close look of Rajasthan's past. These exhibits also help the tourist to get a detailed knowledge about the tradition and culture of the place. The various museums of Mount Abu includes:

  • Mount Abu and Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University and Museum
  • Archaeological Museum

Monuments in Mount Abu:

The monuments of Mount Abu are also a great attraction for tourists as it not only provides a glimpse into the history of the place but also is a great way to have a look of the marvelous architecture. These structures bar further significance as they are also manifestations of the supreme power of the rulers who used to reign the places during that time. There are a number of monuments in Mount Abu. Some of the most prominent are as follows:

  • Sunset Point
  • Honeymoon Point
  • The Crags

Forts and Palaces in Mount Abu:

Tourist attractions in Mount Abu also includes forts and palaces as the splendid architecture of these palaces and the marvelous architecture boasted by these structures are great draw for tourists. These forts and palaces also provide a deep insight into the culture of the bygone eras of Rajasthan. Some of the most prominent forts and palaces of Rajasthan includes:

  • Kesar Bhawan Palace
  • Achalgarh Fort
  • Sunrise Palace

Gardens in Mount Abu:

The gardens in Mount Abu also feature in the list of Mount Abu tourist attractions. These gardens not only endow a lot of beauty to the city but also reflect the Rajput's inclination towards art and architecture. Hence, a visit to the gardens in Mount Abu is always on the cards during a Mount Abu tour. Some of the most popular gardens of Mount Abu are as follows:

  • Gandhi Park
  • Ashok Vatika
  • Terrace Garden

Bazaars in Mount Abu:

Bazaars in Mount Abu help in imparting a wholesome experience to the tourists, touring Mount Abu. The bazaars in this only hill station of Rajasthan, India offers a number of exquisite items that often find a place in the tourists' shopping bags.

Temples in Mount Abu:

The temples in Mount Abu adds spiritual flavor to the tourist attractions in Mount Abu. The number of temples situated in this hill station attracts a large number of devotees besides drawing regular tourists. There are a number of temples in Mount Abu. Some of the famous temples of Mount Abu are as follows:

  • The Jain Temple
  • Dilwara Temple
  • Shri Raghunathji Temple
  • Vimala Vashi Temple
  • Adhar Devi Temple
  • Luna Vashi Temple
  • Gaumukh Temple

Mount Abu Tourist Attractions

Bazaars in Mount Abu

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Mount Abu is a great tourist destination in Rajasthan. With a wide variety of attractions in different parts of the hill station it is truly a great experience for the tourists who visit the place. There are a number of tourist attractions in Mount Abu. Among the various tourist attractions in Mount Abu, the monuments in Mount Abu are highly...

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Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan is situated at an elevation of 1,220 mts. Located in the southern part of Rajasthan. In the bygone years it was a place of leisure for both royalties and semi-royalties. Mount Abu is widely known for its beautiful scenic beauty, wildlife and pleasant climate. This enjoyable retreat presents an...

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