Kal Bhairava Ujjain

Lord Kal Bhairava is the manifestation of Lord Shiva who is said to oversee the time ahead. It is also said that the "Time lost is lost forever", so one should make a good use of time in Life.

The Kal Bhairava Temple, Ujjain is the place where Lord Kal Bhairava is being worshipped at Ujjain. This is a must see for the devotees of the Shaivaites.

History of the Kal Bhairava Temple:

Since time cannot be restored the people say that the Kal Bhairava should be worshipped. Time must be spent keeping in view that spiritual progress is necessary in lives of men.

So, people go to the Kal Bhairava temple in order to worship Kal Bhairava, Kal Bhairava is also known as Khetrapala and he is regarded as the guardian of the temple that is why the keys of the Kal Bhairava temple is to be kept at the temple premise at night and no one should carry it elsewhere.

Since Kal Bhairava is also the protector of the travelers, one should make a garland of Cashew nuts and give it to the God along with lighting a lamp so that he is pleased and save the traveler from any danger.

This is to be done especially if the journey is at night. Since dog is the vehicle of the Lord, it is very auspicious to feed dogs which show our respect to Kal Bhairava.

All the offerings to the Kal Bhirava Lord are to be done at the day of Kal Bhairava Ashthami, when the lord is being worshipped with care and dedication.

Description of the Kal Bhairava Temple:

The Shaivites worship eight Bhairavas, and of them the Kal Bhairava is the most important. It is thought that the temple of Kal Bhairava has been erected by the King Bhadrasen.

This was done at the banks of the river Shipra, whose iridescent view rejuvenates the traveler and sanctifies him of his sins.

The Kapalika and the Aghora sects usually worship Kal Bhairava. The temple of Kal Bhairava is therefore very important to them. Liquor is offered to the lord as a part of the worship and the temple exhibits beautiful Malwa style of architecture. The paintings on the wall of he temple are however only visible in part.

How to reach Kal Bhairava Temple :

You can at first come to Ujjain by train and then hire a car or bus and come straight to the Kal Bhairava Temple.

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