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Climate in Ranthambore National Park

Month Best Time Climate Min. Temp (°C) Max. Temp (°C)
January 2 29
February 11 26
March 17 33
April 23 38
May 27 41
June 28 40
July   26 34
August   25 32
September   24 34
October 20 34
November 14 30
December 10 25

The hottest period during the year in Ranthambore National Park is between April and June when the temperature can go up to 47 / 48 Degree Celsius.

This is the best time to see tigers. It is during this period that professional photographers and filmmakers come to Ranthambore in Rajasthan India.

The coldest months in Ranthambore National Park are from the end of November to the beginning of February, with the mercury dipping down to 2 Degree Celsius.

As the vehicles in which one moves in the park are open, it is best to wear very warm clothes or take blankets from the hotels, if the warm clothes prove inadequate. Normally everybody ends up taking blankets after their first safari.

Ranthambore Geographical Details

Longitude: From 76-23-00 E to 76-39-00 E

Latitude: From 25-54-00 N to 26-12-00 N

Average Rainfall: 800mm

Temperature: Min 4, Max 47 (deg. Cel.)

Ranthambore National Park, Area Details

Total Area: 392.5 sq.kms.

Ranthambore National Park: 274.5 sq.kms.

Buffer Area to R.N.P. : 118.0 sq.kms.


Light cotton clothes in warm weather. Raincoat in wet weather. Woolens and jackets in cold weather. Preferably wear neutral and earth colored clothes.

Opening Time

Ranthambore National Park is open from 1st October to 30th June.