Tadoba National Park

Location: Maharashtra

Main Wildlife Attractions: Sambar, Cheetal, Nilgai, and Barking Deer,Leopards, Sloth Bears, Gaur, Wild Dogs, Hyenas, Civet

Coverage Area: 623 sq.kms.

Established: 1935


Located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, the Tadoba National Park is the oldest National Park in the state and a treasure trove of some of the most amazing flora and fauna.

All nature as well as animal lovers will thoroughly enjoy a visit to the Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra.

According to popular legend, the village chief died while valiantly confronting the tiger. His courage is eulogized to this day to the extent that he is worshipped by the localites as the deity 'Tadoba'. The National Park too has been named after him as the Tadoba National Park.

Covering an extensive area of 625 km, the Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra is located in the midst of a reserved forest. It would be no exaggeration to refer to it as a natural museum exhibiting a splendid wild life and consequently a haven for all wild life enthusiasts.

The animals that can be sighted in Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra include large herds of Chitals, Sambars, Barking Deers, Chausingas, Neel Gais, Sloth Bears, Indian Bisons, Wild Dogs, Wild Boars and Leopards. One can also get to see Gaur, Hyenas, Civet, Jungle Cats and several other rare species of animals. However the greatest attraction is undisputedly the majestic tiger. It continues to enamor tourists of all age.

The Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra was initially a wild life sanctuary created way back in 1935; it achieved the status of a National Park in 1955 and came under the Project Tiger only in 1993.

The vegetative cover of the Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra comprises of rich dry deciduous forest variety. Sal, Margosa, Mahua and Mango are some of the trees found here. It is indeed a very pleasurable experience to walk along the nature trails of this park.

The Tadoba Lake laced by bamboo groves within the premises of this park is home to the Marsh Crocodile which was once very common in Maharashtra. Their number is currently on the decline but they are seen here. Bird Lovers will also enjoy a visit to the Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra. Ornithologists will get to see as many as 181 species of birds and that includes water birds as well.

When you think of a visit to the Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra, do keep in mind that the park remains closed on Tuesdays. The following information might prove to be useful when planning a trip

  • Nearest Airport is at Nagpur which lies at a distance of about 140 km
  • Nearest Railway Station is at Chandrapur, about 45 km away.
  • Nearest Mini Bus stand is at Chandrapur and Chimur. The latter is 32 km away.

A visit to the Tadoba National Park promises to be a very fascinating experience. Explore the dense mysterious forests and take delight in wild life viewing made all the more easier because of the presence of observation towers and a good network of roads. You are sure to thoroughly enjoy the trip particularly in the months between November and February when the weather is very pleasant.