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Adilabad Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Adilabad

  • Kuntala Waterfall, Adilabad in Telangana
Adilabad At a Glance
  • Average Climate:17°C - 24°C
  • Best Time to Visit:September - January
  • STD Code:08732

Adilabad Travel Guide

The city of Adilabad is located in the state of Telangana in the southern part of India. It has been named after Ali Adil Shah, the early ruler of Bijapur. Adilabad was formed out of a sub-district, Sirpur-Tandur in 1905. Adilabad is situated approximately at a distance of 300 kilometers from Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana. Surrounded by quiet mountains and lush green forests, the city of Adilabad is blessed by the sacrament and meditation of saints like Ved Vyas. Green forests, gushing waterfalls, majestic rivers and exotic wild animals – you can find them all during a tour to Adilabad in Telangana. The city is a flourishing cotton business center and is also known as the ‘City of Cotton’. It must also be mentioned that the Godavari River separates Adilabad from all its neighboring districts. There is a temple of Goddess Saraswati on the banks of river Godavari, in the town of Basar, and it is the only Saraswati temple in the entire South India.

Tourist Attractions

During a tour to Adilabad in Telangana, tourists can visit the Jainath Temple located in Jainath, a small village at a distance of 21 kilometers away from the town.

This beautiful temple is a perfect example of the Jain style of temple architecture.

The Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of 50 kilometers from Mancherial and 70 kilometers from Nirmal. The national park is a home to animals like Nilgai, Barking Deer, Panther, Indian Bison and Cheetal.

Pochera Waterfalls are situated at a distance of 50 kilometers from Adilabad, 10 kilometers from Nirmal and 8 kilometers from Boath. Near the waterfalls, there is an idol of Lord Shiva known as Someshwara Swami.

Kuntala Waterfalls are situated at a distance of 12 kilometers from Neredikonda village. It is the highest waterfalls in the state and during the winter months the falls are in their full glory.

The other attractions to visit during a tour to Adilabad are Nirmal Arts, Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary, Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary and Keslapur Town.

How to reach

The city of Hyderabad is connected to all the major metropolitan cities and other cities by Indian Airlines, Railways and Roads. Adilabad can be reached from Hyderabad by availing state buses and also from Nagpur.


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