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Ahmedabad Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Ahmedabad

  • Kankaria Lake in Ahmedabad Gujarat
Ahmedabad At a Glance
  • Average Climate:10°C - 36°C
  • Best Time to Visit:November - February
  • STD Code:02631

Ahmedabad Tourism | Ahmedabad Travel Guide

Ahmedabad, the 606 year old walled city, holds the distinction of being India’s First World Heritage City, an honor bestowed upon it by UNESCO for being a repository of art, history, culture and heritage. Ahmedabad in Gujarat is one of the medieval cities which is famous for its historical monuments and attracts tourists from all over the world. It is the perfect destination for tourists who wish to discover the medieval art and architecture in India. Having gone under the rule of several dynasties and emperors, it possesses a glorious legacy and heritage. Museums and art galleries, historic structures which reflect architectural excellence, bustling markets and traditional cuisines, this city showcases its heritage on various fronts.

Ahmedabad in Gujarat in India was founded by Sultan Ahmad Shah in the year 1411 and is noted for its ancient historical monuments. The city of Ahmedabad has still preserved its vintage charm and glory in its towering monuments that reflect the magnificence of the bygone era. Ahmedabad, the World Heritage City, is also renowned for being the place where Mahatma Gandhi initiated the struggle for India’s freedom. Sabarmati Ashram, located on the banks of the Sabarmati River, draws thousands of tourists who are desirous of catching a glimpse of the life and times of Gandhi. A library housed in the ashram premises showcases the various aspects of the Mahatma’s life.

During the Mughal rule of Akbar, Ahmedabad was annexed to the Mughal Empire. It was a flourishing business center during that time. Later on, with the advent of the British, it came under the rule of British Raj in the year 1818 and gradually emerged as the center of a large number of textile mills in Gujarat. This city also boasts a strong tradition of Hindu-Muslim unity, much of which is visible in the numerous Indo-Islamic architecture scattered across the city. There are a number of tourist attractions in Ahmedabad which attract visitors in large numbers. On your Tour to Ahmedabad Gujarat, you should plan a trip to these tourist places in Ahmedabad.

From Mahatma Gandhi's Sabarmati Ashram to the remnants of the historical tombs of Ahmad Shah and his queens, the beauty of Ahmedabad lies in its history and incredible architectural marvels. One such architecture is the Teen Darwaza, which possesses the longest getaways in the city. Comprising of wonderful arched gates, intricate carvings and semi-circular shaped windows adorned with “jaali’ work, it’s admired both for its brilliant aesthetics and the historical legacy associated with it. The Siddi Bashir Mosque, which is also called the Shaking Minaret or Jhulta Minar, is another attraction of the city. It is three stories high and is noted for its carved stone balconies. It is believed that by applying a little force to the minarets, it can be moved a little. Besides this, there is Rani Rupmati's mosque, which is also quite famous for its intricately designed minarets and unique architecture.

The historic structures in this city also reflect the city’s glorious past and serve as constant reminders of the triumphs and glories achieved in the past. There is the Bhadra Fort, which enchants the visitor at first sight. It houses within its premises a magnificent palace, a Bhadrakali Temple in honor of the Hindu Goddess Bhadra, who is a different form of Goddess Kali. On its eastern side lies the Teen Darwaza, which is yet another tourist attraction. Sarkhej Roza, a mosque and tomb situated in the Makarba area of the city, showcases fine Islamic architecture from the Mughal era. On your Tour to Ahmedabad Gujarat, you can plan a trip to Surkhej. A religious mortuary complex, it was originally a royal retreat where kings and royal people spent most of their time.

In Ahmedabad, you are greeted with buildings that display the finest level of architecture and possess great historical significance. Some of the temples which stand as symbols of magnificence are Shree Swaminarayan Temple and the ISCKON Temple. Besides this, you can also visit Modhera, which is famous for the ancient Sun temple. You could also visit Lothal where you can get to see the remnants of the Indus Valley Civilization.

Being the first World Heritage City of India, this walled city is also a treasure house of art and culture. One of the best places for witnessing astounding works of art and heritage is the Sanskar Kendra. Here, you come across a vast collection of photographs and artefacts that shed light on the city’s artistic past.  Similarly, the Auto Vintage World Car Museum is visited by lovers of vintage cars. One of the largest automobile museums in India, it exhibits a diverse collection of luxurious vintage cars, carriages and other vehicles.

Ahmedabad is famous for being a textile hub. Calico Museum of Textiles traces the history of textile through an enormous collection of antique textiles unique to India. The artistic flavor of the city is displayed at the Shreyas Folk Art Museum. One can purchase beautiful Ahmedabad textile, along with Gujarati outfits and handicrafts, from any of the street shops lining the Manek Chowk. To take back souvenirs from your trip, visit markets like Law Garden Market, Lal Darwaza and CG Road.

Festivities abound in the land of Gandhi and textiles too. From Navratri celebrations, which last to nine days and is marked by music, garba dancing and Durga Puja to the Kite Festival called Uttarayan, where the sky is flooded with kites of all colors and sizes, every festival is celebrated with equal enthusiasm and joyous spirit here.

The people of Ahmedabad are passionate about food and this passion is clearly visible in the street food of this city. Some of the food items which everybody loves gorging on are khakhra, namkeen, fafda, soft and spongy khaman dhokla, maska-bun, fritters with green chilies and chutney, besides others. These delightful snacks are as they tangy and spicy as they come and more often than not, leave you wanting for more. Manek Chowk is one such place where fulfills all your cravings, even at odd hours. The food services continue here well into the night, along with a vegetable market which is set up in the early hours of the morning.

Kankaria Lake is where the people of Ahmedabad head to when they seek to escape the hullabaloo of city life. A garden-themed restaurant by the name of Nagina Lake is situated in the heart of the lake. A host of other facilities and amenities intended for entertainment such as food stalls, an illuminated musical fountain, kankaria zoo, a toy train, tethered balloon rides and a children’s park are located within its premises. This is the place to head to when you are looking for some moments of tranquility or entertainment.

In Ahmedabad, tourists are won over with the amiable nature of the people. The hospitality of the people here is based on the age old adage, “Atithi Devo Bhava” (meaning The Guest is God). This city also shares a reputation for its safety. Solo travelers and tourists can travel around safely at night and be assured about full safety and security.

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