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Places to Visit near Ahmedabad

Nestled on the shores of the Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad in Gujarat in India is one of the beautiful tourist places in Western India. Ruled by the British, Mughal and the Marathas, Ahmedabad is a city which attracts tourists from all over. indianholiday.com offers online information on Excursions from Ahmedabad and other tourist attractions of Gujarat and other parts of India.

Founded by Sultan Ahmed Shah in the year 1411, Ahmedabad has some interesting tourist places surrounding the city. The Havelis and palatial mansions in Ahmedabad make it one of the interesting destinations for the tourists. Excursions from Ahmedabad are equally interesting and enrich the tourists with a wonderful experience.

From Indo Sarcenic architecture to the forests and temples, Excursions from Ahmedabad can be to different locales and gives you an insight into the cultural history, art and architecture of Ahmedabad.

Here is the list of Famous Places to Visit near Ahmedabad :

Adalaj Wav

One of the famous step wells near Ahmedabad is the Adalaj Wav. Built in 1499 it is one of the exquisitely crafted step wells near Ahmedabad. On your excursions from Ahmedabad you can get a glimpse of the Adalaj Wav. Built by Queen Rudabai it was one of the resting places for the travelers.


Archeologists excavated the remnants of Harappan civilization in Gujarat which can be seen in Lothal. In Lothal you can get the glimpse of the excavated remains of a city which existed 4500 years ago. From temples to commercial centers, Lothal attracts tourists from all over the world. Get a glimpse of one of the ancient cities in the world in Lothal during your excursions from Ahmedabad. Discovered by the archaeologists Lothal is one of the sites where remains of Harappan Civilization where found.


One of the 11th century Sun Temples is located in Modhera near Ahmedabad. Constructed by the Solanki Rajputs, this is one of the most beautiful temples which have carved torana arches on Kirti stambhas. This ancient Sun Temple attracts tourists from all over the world for its exquisite designs and is one of the architectural marvels in Gujarat. Just like the Ajanta and Ellora, sculptures in the Modhera Sun Temple are also regarded as a famous work of art.

So during your excursions from Ahmedabad you can plan a trip to these destinations where you can enjoy your tour to Ahmedabad by planning a trip to these destinations close by.

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