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Shopping in Ahmedabad

Experience the true essence of shopping in Ahmedabad at its local bazaars, which are more appealing than the swanky malls. The beauty of shopping in Ahmedabad is the best experience when you wander on the night markets of Ahmedabad that remain open till midnight. The best places for shopping in Ahmedabad, including swanky malls and street markets, will bowl you! The best things to buy in Ahmedabad include wood crafts, printed and woven clothes, pottery, tribal art, and Khadis.

Located on the banks of the Sabarmati River and crisscrossed in two distinct regions - eastern and western banks, India's first UNESCO Urban World Heritage, Ahmedabad is now one of India's most popular shopping joints. Besides its architectural achievements, Ahmedabad is famous for its shopping culture. So shop your hearts out for traditional Ghagra-Cholis, Khadi, and textiles on your shopping voyage from the eastern to the western bank regions in Ahmedabad. It has an array of rich varieties of shopping items to buy from its markets, like Ties, dye fabrics, wood-carved furniture, precious antique jewelry, and Patola Silk sarees. Also, home decor items, extravagant draperies, cutesy decorations, and beautiful trinkets invoke some shopping spree feel. The city of Ahmedabad is your solution to all the shopping woes.

On the brighter side, the art and craft of Ahmedabad in Gujarat is firmly rooted in traditional essence. Ahmedabad was founded by Sultan Ahmad Shah in 1411, and he ruled till his death in 1142. Afterward, Ahmedabad was also led by Marathas! Ahmedabad was led mainly by the Mughals, and they have all left the pierce of their legacy in the form of handicrafts and arts. It is no brainer that the city's craft and art touched great heights under the Mughals' rule in Ahmedabad.

Top 10 Shopping Places in Ahmedabad

Here's the list of top places for shopping in Ahmedabad to score some cool Gujarati and western stuff:

Lal Darwaja Market

Lal Darwaza is one of the cheapest street markets for shopping in Ahmedabad. Here, ladies can snag all the decorative stuff from the vendors that sell clothing for them. Men and children can savor the local street food from the hawkers. This shopping arena of Ahmedabad is fondly visited by locals and tourists alike who want to indulge in the local shopping experience in Ahmedabad.

  • Address: Old City, Eastern Banks of the Sabarmati River, Lal Darwaja
  • Opening Timings: 10 AM - 9 AM, every day

Sindhi Market

Sindhi Market is one of Ahmedabad's top wholesale shopping markets for traditional items. Bedsheets and sarees. Those who are low on funds must try their bargaining skills at Sindhi Market. Local Amdavadis flock to this place to shop at Ahmedabad during the festivals to shop affordable traditional sarees and house decorating items.

  • Address: Old City, Eastern Banks of the Sabarmati River, Revdi Bazar, Kalupur
  • Opening Timings: 11 AM - 10 AM, every day


Manifest the best wedding shopping in Ahmedabad at Dhalgarwad Market. It is located close to the Sabarmati Riverfront and is being visited by locals and tourists alike who want to snag the wedding stuff at an affordable price. Here, you can address your wardrobe with Gujarati clothing like Chaniya Choli for ladies to Kurta Pajama for men, along with traditional Jaipur Prints and South Cotton sarees.

  • Address: Old City, Eastern Banks of the Sabarmati River, IP Mission Rd, Dhalgarwad, Khadia
  • Opening Timings: 8 AM - 9 AM, every day

Manek Chowk Market

A vegetable market in the wee hours, A bullion market at noon, and a street food market at night introduce Manek Chowk Market. It is the most popular market for shopping in Ahmedabad if you want to shop, eat, and enjoy wandering from the wee hours tonight with your near or dear ones. Manek Chowk Market gets fully active after sunset because the night food fiesta at Manek Chowk is all about savoring kulfi, pav bhaji, and local food from the vendors.

  • Address: Old City, Eastern Banks of the Sabarmati River, Manek Chowk Rd, Danapidth, Khadia
  • Opening Timings: 6 AM - 2 AM, every day

Law Garden Night Market

As the name suggests, this market is located close to the Law College and thus is named Law Garden Night Market. It is a garden where you can visit with your loved ones or those near you. Outside the garden boundary from all sides, street vendors sell authentic Gujarati handicrafts till dinner hours. Ladies must buy silverware from Kutch and Saurashtra along with decorated Choli and Chanayas. When you are here, eat street food from the stalls lined at the Law Garden Night Market.

  • Address: Western Banks of the Sabarmati River, Law Garden, Maharashtra Society, Ellisbridge
  • Opening Timings: 10 AM -10 PM, every day

Fernandes Bridge Book Market

This shopping place in Ahmedabad is famous amongst the bookworms who have an affinity for reading books about the handicraft and printing history of Ahmedabad. One can also get novels and academic and religious books from Fernandes Bridge Book Market. This place lets school or college people exchange and sell their books. If you have ever been to Chandni Chowk in Delhi, Fernandes Bridge Book Market will give you the feel of Nai Sarak, also famous amongst bookworms.

  • Address: Western Banks of the Sabarmati River, Fernandes Bridge, Tankshal, Khadia
  • Opening Timings: 10 AM -10 PM, every day

Rani No Hajiro

This is one of the unique shopping places known to offer the best shopping experience in Ahmedabad. It is a cloth market located near the historic tombs of Ahmed Shah’s Queens. You can purchase Ikat, Mashrush, and Ajrakh. Apart from that, intricate jewelry is also found there. Rani No Hajiro is one of the vibrant places to indulge in shopping and get a better insight about the local lifestyle.

  • Address: Gandhi Rd, Manek Chowk, Khadia
  • Opening Timings: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Raipur Darwaza

The old market is counted as one of the best places for shopping in Ahmedabad for many good reasons. From collecting souvenirs for friends and family to having street foods, you can enjoy both at this market. On top of that, it is a budget-friendly market where you can also try your hand at bargaining. This famous market in Ahmedabad is a hub for shopaholics to collect some beautiful decorative items and gifts for friends and family.

  • Address:  Anandshankar Dhurav Rd, Khadia
  • Opening Timings: 7:00 AM to 3:00 AM

Teen Darwaja Market 

This market is truly a nostalgic romp, located beside the Bhadra Fort, a historical gem of the city. Rustic and rare specialty goods are some of the best things to buy in Ahmedabad at this market. You can enjoy street shopping and stroll along the narrow street to create lasting memories. Additionally, you will find here an impressive range of items to buy that reflect the culture of Gujarat and also does not give more loads on your pocket.  

  • Address: Bhadra, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Opening Timings: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM 

Ramakda Market 

This market site in this city is a foremost choice of locals and tourists to collect souvenirs and decorative items. Take a tour of Ramakda and uplift your Ahmedabad shopping experience. This bustling market of this vibrant city offers an array of items to buy. From clothes to antique items, you can find numerous ranges which lie under the best items to buy in Ahmedabad. 

  • Address: Ratan Pol Road, Old City, Tankshal, Khadia
  • Opening Timings: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM 

Things to buy in Ahmedabad 

Ahmedabad is home to numerous shopping sites where you can enjoy the shopping spree in many ways. From famous markets to old bazaars, various shopping sites offer things you would love to take back home as gifts and souvenirs. Here is the list of shopping items you must buy while enjoying the shopping in Ahmedabad.

  • Traditional Kutch fabrics
  • Patola Silks
  • Antique Jewelry
  • Handicraft Items
  • Decorative items of Wood and Brass
  • Antique items
  • Leather Shoes and Wallets
  • Sarees


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FAQs about Shopping in Ahmedabad

Q: What is famous in Ahmedabad for shopping?

Ans: This vibrant city is well-associated with textiles and fabrics and has a fascinating history. Some of the most famous things to buy for shopping in Ahmedabad are sarees, fabrics, colorful skirts, chaniya choli & Bandhej. Apart from that, handicraft items, jewelry, and decorative things are top choices among locals and tourists.

Q: Which are the famous shopping places in Ahmedabad?

Ans: Rani No Hajiro, Lal Darwaja Market, Sindhi Market, Mangalya Bandhani Sarees, Dhalgarwad Market, Deepkala Silk Heritage, Manek Chowk, Raipur Gate Market, and Asopalav Ratanpole are some of the best places for shopping in Ahmedabad.

Q: What to buy at Lal Darwaja Ahmedabad?

Ans: Lal Darwaja Market is an iconic place for shopaholics that offers various shopping items. Some must-buy items are Shoes, Chaniya Cholis, Sarees, Fabrics, Wallets, Second-Hand books, Belts, and Garments for men and children.