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Ahmedabad Weather & Temperature

The Manchester of India, Ahmedabad, is the erstwhile capital of Gujarat which is also located near the equator. Due to its positioning, the Tropic of Cancer passes through the city, and thus, Ahmedabad is supposedly hot and humid both in summer and monsoon both. Accordingly, Ahmedabad winter weather and temperature of Ahmedabad between November till February marks the least humid months, with the average high and low, around 12°C - 29°C (approx.).

The average high and low weather in Ahmedabad in context to dry and humid months of summer till monsoon hardly makes any difference. Ahmedabad’s daytime temperature in summer from March to June shoots up to 45°C (approx.), making people feel a stroke of burn on the skin as the sun rays fall directly in the noon.

Dry heat that knocks Ahmedabad from March is still bearable, but as the month-end and April approaches, the humidity and heat constitute together, and thus, the weather of Ahmedabad is sweltering for day sightseeing of the outdoor attractions.

While if we talk particularly about the monsoon weather forecast for Ahmedabad, the skies are cloudy from July till September. The 3 months have roughly around 34 days (approx.) rainfall in total, where July itself bills the highest rainfall days of around 14 days (approx.). The monsoon that hits Ahmedabad and is influenced by the southwest monsoon from the Arabian Sea, July.

Check out the weather forecast related travel information in Ahmedabad to get the idea of which month is suitable for your Ahmedabad tour:

Ahmedabad in January

Tourists might find the costliest accommodation in Ahmedabad during this time because January is the coldest month of Ahmedabad and is also when the humidity is not a trouble for outdoor sightseeing. All the tourist attractions in Ahmedabad, from spiritual to romantic to heritage, welcome tourists with open hands without any restrictions. The cool weather in Ahmedabad with average low and high hovers between 12°C - 26°C (approx.). Expect to receive Vitamin D for free for 7 hours (approx.).

Ahmedabad in February

The weather forecast for Ahmedabad in February is the extension of January but with a slight increase in temperature. February also bills itself as the dry month with a crispness in the air that bids adieu with the arrival of March and goes completely at the same month-end. From the last few years till the previous year, the average temperature of Ahmedabad in February hovers between 14°C - 29°C (approx.). All the activities, including boating, heritage walk, temple hopping, are operational between working hours. However, accommodation prices shoot up to more than the lower season, so booking in advance will significantly benefit you!

Ahmedabad in March

The advent of March is when the mercury begins to rise by 5°C (approx.) in the daytime, and the average daytime temperature shoots up to 36°C (approx.). March is the arrival of summers that stretches till June mid. Expect 8 hours (approx.) of sunshine when you are planning an outdoor trip to the gardens, heritage sites, and religious places. Also, get ready to receive discounts on the accommodation because the honeymoon phase is over and family tourists start flocking to Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad in April

April is one of the hottest months in Ahmedabad, when the average low and high temperature revolves between 23°C - 39°C (approx.). Locals tend to avoid visiting outside in the open space regions that come in direct contact with sunlight. Tourists can enjoy jaw-dropping discounts on accommodation in Ahmedabad because of the fewer crowds. It is suggested to visit enclosed attractions like restaurants, malls, museums, forts, and art galleries. Expect the 9 hours (approx.) of minimum sunshine as April is also the dry month of Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad in May

The average temperature of Ahmedad in May at night falls to 27°C (approx.) at night and is heightened up to 41°C (approx.) in the broad sunlight of 9 hours. If you are coming from long-distance locations with some outdoor plans in mind, it is best to avoid traveling to Ahmedabad in May because of the oppressive heat. In April, the weather in Ahmedabad gets better after 6:30 PM, which also marks the closing of most of the historical attractions. Still, the good thing is discounts on accommodations are provided to tourists.

Ahmedabad in June

Expect to get drenched in the rain for 2 days (approx.) in Ahmedabad in June. The weather here beacons the average downpour of a few days, and you will get respite from the sweltering heat for sure as the average low and high revolve around 28°C - 39°C (approx.). The average 7 hours (approx.) of sunshine might still be a trouble for those who can’t bear oppressive summers. Moreover, expect a little humidity also. Ahmedabad in June is considered one of the affordable times to visit Ahmedabad because locals avoid gathering in the daylight, and most of the tourists are backpackers who have nothing to do with the weather because their objectives are different, like a break from the hectic life.

Ahmedabad in July

With the average humidity of 77% in the air, the Southwest monsoon finally knocks completely in Ahmedabad in July but with extra humidity. However, that is not a big concern for most of the tourists because July is when Ahmedabad receives around 14 days (approx.) of rainfall that makes the surroundings drenched in the rain. Boating in the lake is the cool thing to do in Ahmedabad in July, irrespective of the time. The minimum and maximum temperature fluctuate between 25.9°C - to 38°C (approx.), and the sunshine gets reduced by 3 hours compared to June.

Ahmedabad in August

The weather forecast in Ahmedabad indicates annually that August is the most humid month of Ahmedabad, where the humidity spikes to 81% (approx.). However, the 3.5 hours (approx.) of sunshine will surely give tourists respite from the heat followed by 10 days (approx.) of a downpour with average frequency. If you are wondering about the temperature in August in Ahmedabad, it ranges between 25°C - 35°C (approx.). The options for sightseeing are the same as in the monsoon season.

Ahmedabad in September

The average registered low and high temperature of Ahmedabad in September is 24°C - 33.8°C (approx.). 5 days of rainfall washes the landscape for the final time because September is the end of the monsoon in Ahmedabad. Humidity also gets reduced to 71%, and the sunshine hits the ground for 7 hours (approx.). September is one of the good times to plan a monsoon trip to Ahmedabad from Jaipur, Kota, Udaipur.

Ahmedabad in October

Wondering about the Ahmedabad weather in October? Well, this month marks the complete end of the monsoon, and everything gets back on track. The average hour of sunshine gets back to 9 hours, humidity is 53% in the air, and the average temperature oscillates between 21°C - 33°C. One must book their accommodations in advance because October marks the best time to visit Ahmedabad via road trip.

Ahmedabad in November

The weather of Ahmedabad brings winter finally to the city and marks its complete presence with 8.5 hours of sunshine. Humidity is also not a troubling factor because it oscillates around 48%. Book your accommodations in advance and tickets to heritage sites and museums and any other activity because the tourist influx is heavy in Ahmedabad in November. November is one of the USP of Ahmedabad tourism because of the slight crispness in the air that comes from the Northern Himalayas. The average temperature is between 16°C - 31°C (approx.)

Ahmedabad in December

Particularly the most popular time to visit Ahmedabad, December is also one of the most expensive months to visit Ahmedabad. Staycations price in any homestays, guest houses, and hotel chains skyrockets. Plan any type of vacation in Ahmedabad in December, including honeymoon, family trip, leisure tour, and spiritual voyage along with heritage tours. In December, the minimum and maximum temperature of Ahmedabad is 13°C - 29°C (approx.) with an average of 8 hours of sunshine.

Ahmedabad Temperature, Weather Condition & Forecast

Today's Temperature

Wed 01 Dec 21, 09:07 am IST
20 °C
Light rain
Rain: 0 mm
Humidity: 64%
Wind: 6.1 km/h
UV Index: 5

Weather Forecast

01 Dec
Patchy rain possible
Rain: 87%
02 Dec
Partly cloudy
Rain: 0%
03 Dec
Rain: 0%

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