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Excursion Tour from Allahabad

Excursion from Allahabad forms an interesting part of the whole Tour to Allahabad. There are many tourists spot near by Allahabad which should be visited by the tourists while on Tour to Uttar Pradesh. The beauty of the nearby location gives a serene feeling for the people coming to a tour to Allahabad. The city of Allahabad is still not touched by the fast metropolitan life. The near by places have many natural attractions and some historical edifices which should be visited on excursions from Allahabad while on a tour to Allahabad. The near by cities that can be visited on an excursion from Allahabad are Garhwa, Kaushambi, Shringverpur, Sarnath, Varanasi, Lucknow. All these cities boast of rich cultural and historical past of India. The Ganges flowing beside many of these cities adds a charm to the expedition from Allahabad.

Excursion from Allahabad to the cities can be done on car or local modes of transport present which links every city. A boat ride on the Ganges can also take the tourist to the nearby places on excursion from Allahabad. All the excursion sites present around Allahabad are located at a distance of 60 to 70 kms.

Garhwa is an interesting place to visit while on an excursion from Allahabad as a part of the Tour to Allahabad. The ruins of many beautiful temples present in Garhwa attract tourists from all over India. Tourists with a motive of visiting Garhwa on a holiday or just for the sake of visiting the place get mesmerized. The people who want to do research on the historical ruins also have many things to explore while on a trip to Garhwa on an excursion from Allahabad. The temples situated here dates back to the Gupta Era. People who take avid interest in exploring the architectural value and excellence of the north Indian temples will surely have a beautiful time in Garhwa. The ruins of temple in Garhwa give an idea about the stone temple tradition that prevailed in the Gupta era.

Another interesting place that should be visited while on trip from Allahabad is Kaushambi. Kaushambi is located at a distance of 65 kilometers from Allahabad. Kaushambi is famous as an important Buddhist tourist destination. Kaushambi attracts people with its rich heritage of Buddhist temples.

Chitrakoot can also be visited on a short tour from Allahabad.

Shringverpur is a must visit destination while on an excursion from Allahabad. The distance between Shringverpur and Allahabad is 40 kilometers. The name of Shringverpur is mentioned in Ramayana.

The historical importance of these places in Allahabad adds to the knowledge of the tourists about the rich cultural heritage of the country. These places must be visited while on a Tour to Allahabad or on a Tour to Uttar Pradesh.

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