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History of Allahabad

Often, seen to be one of the most important influences in the Culture of India, a tour to Uttar Pradesh is considered to be incomplete if your tour itinerary to Uttar Pradesh does not include Tours to Allahabad. Seen to be one of the most important cities of the Indian Hindi speaking heart land, a visit to Allahabad can reveal some of the most brilliant facets of the history of India. Perhaps, the most interesting way of making the most of your Uttar Pradesh Tour is by knowing more about the rich History of Allahabad.

The history of Prayagraj can be said to stretch from the age when the Vedas were composed, since the Vedas contain what can be safely said to be the first mention of the city of Allahabad. Besides this, references to the city can be found in the various myths which are a part of the regular folk lore of the Hindu heart land. It is said that the city was first resided upon by Brahma, one of the Hindu trinity, who established the city and followed it by His first sacrifice after the establishment of humanity. Also known as Pragag or Prayag Raj as the city was known at the beginning, Allahabad was renamed by Emperor Akbar, who named the city with its present name, which can be literally translated to mean "the city which is based on Allah".

The history of Allahabad has today achieved gigantic proportions, with references to the city being found in almost all the forms of art and culture of the ancient period, including the famous Indian epic, The Mahabharata, in which Allahabad or Prayag as the city was known then, is said to be the city in which the Pandava brothers found shelter during their hard times.

Besides this, references to the city of Allahabad have also been found in the works of Huien Tsang, the Chinese chronicler, who visited India during the reign of Emperor Harshavardhana from the years 607 to 647 AD. The city of Allahabad is also famous for its role in the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, after which the city was merged with the Punjab after which, the capital of North West Provinces was transferred to Allahabad.

The history of Prayagraj can never be completed related without mentioning the various tribes whose efforts to conquer this culturally rich land have left indelible marks on the soils of Allahabad. The Mughals, the Marathas as well as the British have always tried to establish their hegemony on the territory at some point of time or the other in the History of Allahabad.


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