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Best Time to Visit Alleppey

Famed for its temples, beaches, and houseboats cruising through the Kerala Backwaters, Alleppey is truly a paradise on Earth. But, learning about the best time to visit Alleppey (Alappuzha) is always advisable before planning a trip to this blissful destination. Though the city is an all-year-round destination, the months between November and February are ideal for visiting Alleppey. Houseboat tours are also in huge demand during this time.

Summers March to May 28°C-27.4°C
Monsoon June to Sep 26°C-25.8°C
Winter December to February 26.1°C-27.5°C

Where to Visit in Alleppey & When

Alleppey during summer: From March to May

The months between March and May mark the start of the summer season in Alleppey. Due to the hot and humid climate, sightseeing can bother some tourists. Enjoying the outdoors can become uncomfortable while experiencing humid weather in April in Alleppey. However, the cool breeze blowing during the summer nights brings much of the respite. Nevertheless, summer is undoubtedly not the best season to visit Alleppey.

Many visitors still mark their presence in Alleppey during the off-season. Deluxe rooms at discounted prices and the best deals offered by the hotels and houseboats draw travelers here at this time of the year.

Temperature: Minimum temperature is 28°C-27.4°C.

Tips for Summer:

  • Put on cotton clothes and apply sunscreen to avoid skin tanning.
  • Consider booking a houseboat with basic amenities. 
  • You can buy Khadi items, handicrafts, and artifacts from local shops.
  • You can't miss the beach vibes, so take a Vitamin Sea dose.

Things to do:

  • Indulge in kayaking, canoeing, and beach hopping.
  • Meet the rescued elephants at the Elephant Training Camp.
  • Buy vegetables on the boat at Triveni Floating Market.
  • Watch a calm-inducing sunset at Pozhiyoram Beach.

Alleppey during monsoon: From June to September

The monsoon season is an excellent time to visit Alleppey. Rainfall lasts from June to September here. The picturesque town gets colored in different hues of green owing to the refreshing rain. It is that time of the year when you can't confine yourself to your hotel. Stepping out and witnessing the raindrops falling on the tranquil waters is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, it is still not advisable to visit Alleppey in the monsoon.

Due to heavy rainfall, visiting Alleppey in June through August should be avoided. But, a few people find the monsoon the best time to visit Alleppey for houseboating. They feel that the monsoon season has a unique appeal and also love to combine their houseboat tour with Ayurvedic treatments. Keep a mosquito repellant with you, and you're in for a delightful treat.

Temperature: Minimum temperature is 26°C-25.8°C

Tips in Monsoon:

  • Pack your umbrella and raincoat as it pours frequently.
  • It's best to book an onsite houseboat since a few waterways don't remain open due to heavy rain.
  • Unlock blissful Ayurvedic treatment amidst the lush green landscape.

Things to do:

  • Watch the famous Nehru Trophy Boat Race that happens in August.
  • Plan a romantic staycation amidst the lush emerald greenery.
  • Satiate your cravings with authentic seafood.
  • Revitalize your senses with an authentic Ayurvedic treatment.

Alleppey during winter: From December to February

Lasting from October to February, winter is the peak season to visit Alleppey. Ideal weather conditions during these months welcome holidaymakers who wish to make their Kerala trip memorable. Besides, winter is the best season to visit Alleppey in Kerala to indulge in many activities such as sightseeing, staying on kettuvallams, canoeing, etc.

The months between November and February are also ideal for planning your honeymoon in Alleppey. In addition, it is also the most suitable time to spend your family holidays. Every season in Alleppey offers something new and attractive to travelers. Plan a trip to believe it.

Temperature: Minimum temperature is 26.1°C-27.5°C.

Tips in Winter:

  • Ensure to book your winter package at least 2-3 months in advance to get the best price.
  • Indulge in winter festivals. Ask your trip planner about the same.
  • Nights are relatively chilly, but you must pack a jacket for yourself.
  • Ask the type of houseboat you want to use, as houseboats range from affordable to luxurious.

Things to do:

  • Go for peaceful romantic beach walks.
  • Couples can take a relaxing spa day together.
  • Recharge your DSLR and go for a bird watching trip.
  • Go on a shopping spree and buy local souvenirs.

If you are planning to visit Alleppey, then you must check out our Alleppey tour packages.