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Alleppey Temperature

Kerala is positioned near the equator in the Southern Tip of the Indian Peninsula, and according to its climate, Alleppey has 4 distinct weather patterns - summer, winter, southwest monsoon, and northeast monsoon. The peak tourism season in Alleppey (November to February) is for honeymooners, shoulder season (April to May) is for leisure tourists, and off-season (June to September) is for budget-friendly travelers.

Coming to the point, the Alleppey temperature is most pleasant between early summer, winters and in-between phases of Southwest monsoon and Northeast monsoon because of the less humidity as Alleppey is on the Laccadive Sea. During these months, the average monthly temperature of Alleppey hovers around 27°C (approx.), which is salubrious for outdoor activities in the daytime without scorching heat.

The peak summer temperature exceeds from mid-March till May, and the humidity is high for day sightseeing as the average temperature of Alleppey shoots up to 36°C (approx.). The arrival of the Southwest monsoon from June to September put a halt on houseboat trips because of the excessive water flow in the canals. Meanwhile, in the peak monsoon, tourists love to indulge in Ayurvedic therapies at the spa clinics near the backwaters or explore the temples and other attractions of Alleppey.

But in the Northeast, monsoon, also called relieving monsoon houseboats in Alleppey, are optional since it is often anglicized as winter monsoon. But humidity is in the air a little till October. The uniqueness of Alleppey is in its district, Alappuzha, which is branched by the Arabian Sea and crisscrossed by fringed canals, lagoons, and thus, the whole of Kerala, including the coastal places like Alleppey, allows southwest monsoon winds to take return which opens the door for northwest monsoon.

Have a look at the in-depth information about Alleppey weather, the temperature in each specific month, along with the activities you can perform

Alleppey Temperature in January

January in Alleppey is the coldest month in terms of temperature with no troubling humidity. The average sunshine in Alleppey would be 9 hours (approx.) which allows tourists to indulge in outdoor activities like houseboat excursions, watersports at the beaches. Rainfall is not obligatory in January, and if it occurs, it would be for a few hours. In January, the average low and high Alleppey temperature varies from 23°C to 31°C (approx.). Therefore, book your tour package to Alleppey in advance in January since it is the peak tourism season.

Alleppey Temperature in February

February in Alleppey is the 2nd driest month and is the last month of the peak season of Alleppey tourism. Suppose you want to enjoy the humidity-free vacation in the Venetian capital of Kerala. In that case, the average day and night temperature of Alleppey in February hovers around 24°C to 32°C, which is trouble-free for day activities like rice fields photography, cruising in the brilliant backwaters, and water sports at Marai or Alappuzha Beach. There is no thick difference between the sunshine and rainfall as it is similar to the 1st dry month - January.

Alleppey Temperature in March

The advent of March in Alleppey brings humidity in the air because the Alleppey temperature in March is the beginning of the summer season, extending until May. The initial days of March are pleasantly warm, but after the first half, the concentration of water vapor increases, and thus, Alleppey experiences the maximum high upto 33°C (approx.) in the day and 25°C (approx.) at night. Rainfall might occur for 3-4 days (approx.) but not mandatory, but 9 hours of sunshine is guaranteed. Therefore, March in Alleppey is the best time for beach hoppers, backwater lovers, and camping enthusiasts.

Alleppey Temperature in April

The weather of Alleppey in April is hot and humid during the day, but nights are relatively less humid. If you want to enjoy the daily activities in Alleppey in its outdoor setting, wake up early and try to explore the places not centered around the water before 12 PM to ditch the blistering heat. Post the lunch hours, a houseboat ride in the fringed canals and lagoons will cool you off only if you choose an AC glass houseboat. In the evening, the temperature is relatively cool off, and you can also explore the local markets for shopping before the overnight stay either at the houseboat or the hotel. The average minimum in Alleppey is 26°C (approx.) at night and 35°C (approx.) in a day! Rainfall might happen for 7 days.

Alleppey Temperature in May

The hype of tourism in Alleppey is that people around the beaches in the early morning and evening cool their summer blues. While the daytime on the tranquil backwaters rides through the palm-fringed routes is the other alternative. So those people who want to club rejuvenation in the day and backwaters/beaches in the evening must start their day with breakfast followed by pampering Ayurvedic spa therapy before embarking on the AC glass-covered houseboats. In May, the minimum and maximum Alleppey temperature stand around 25°C (approx.) to 33°C (approx.)

Alleppey Temperature in June

The weather of Alleppey in June marks the Southwest monsoon phase that goes till August. This is the wettest month of the year as the average rainfall is expected to drench the landscape for 26 days (approx.) with full force. Houseboat excursions are not possible, and no matter how lucrative the deals are, it is not suggested. Chances of backwaters flooding is at its peak in June in Alleppey. Instead, go for the temple hopping and museum hopping tours at Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple, Mullakakkal Rajeshwari Temple, Revi Karunakaran Museum. Humidity is still in the air, but the temperature drops a little day and night with the average low and high hovering between 25°C to 33°C (approx.) as the sunshine would be around 5 hours (approx.).

Alleppey Temperature in July

Alleppey in June is the extension of the Southwest monsoon when winds pick up the heavy amount of moisture from the Arabian Sea. There won’t be hardly any difference between the activities and the Alleppey weather and temperature in July. Houseboats are still non-operational, and beach activities except strolling on the shoreline are also closed. With the average low and high of Alleppey ranging between 23°C to 29°C (approx.), Ayurvedic spa seasons, relishing Milk Porridge, and learning about the ancient martial art (Kalaripayattu) are the best experiences.

Alleppey Temperature in August

The Alleppey weather in August augments the summer monsoon with almost the same fierceness as of the previous month. Rainfall happens in Alleppey in August for 18 days (approx.) with 5 hours of sunshine and the minimum and maximum high revolving around 23°C to 29°C (approx.). If you are looking for houseboat stays, they are not suggested. However, you can laze around the villages on a day trip engulfed with the backwaters and canal access for photoshoot opportunities. This month is suggested for the backpackers and the rejuvenation lovers who want to snag discounted deals on the accommodation. You can also enjoy the famous Snake Boat Race in Alleppey which sometimes overlaps with September.

Alleppey Temperature in September

Your eyes will be rolled up with emerald greenery around the rice paddies and the palm-fringed backwaters. Most houseboats are still non-operational because this is the last month when the Southwest monsoon withdrawals its presence and takes halt for a few days before the Northwest monsoon hits from the Arabian Sea branch. Get mesmerized with the best experiences in Alleppey, including local street food, temple hopping tours, and even day sightseeing because there is a 6 hour (approx.) sunshine and the average low and high hover around 22°C to 29°C (approx.).

Alleppey Temperature in October

Alleppey Temperature in October after the first week ranges between 23°C to 30°C (approx.). Due to the Northeast monsoon, the rain is supposed to turn the landscape into lush greenery for 13 days (approx.) with 6 hours of active sunshine. Although the temperature of October and September have a striking resemblance, October marks the winter in Alleppey, which turns cold into late November till January. Houseboat tourism becomes costly because backwater cruising gets open. Watch sunsets, indulge in water sports at Marari Beach, Pozhiyoram Beach and spend time with giant creatures at Elephant Training Camp.

Alleppey Temperature in November

With the advent of November in Alleppey, the Northeast monsoon bids goodbye! Peak tourism season of Alleppey starts in November and extends for the next two months. The district of Alappuzha becomes honeymooners paradise and personifies why it is compared with Venice backwaters. There are narrow pathways where you can row in the traditional yet modern houseboats and watch the village life cruising the canals. Stay in a modern houseboat equipped with a private butler. November in Alleppey is the time when tourism and accommodation both shoot up! Expect 8 days of rain and 7 hours of sunshine to enjoy several other activities at the beaches, art galleries, shopping markets. The minimum and maximum temperature of Alleppey in October will be around 22°C to 29°C (approx.).

Alleppey Temperature in December

Alleppey in Kerala is one of the best places in India to celebrate the Christmas holidays. You can plan a trip to Alleppey with your near or dear ones to enjoy the slow-paced life in God’s Own Country while rowing the palm-fringed lagoons, canals, and birdwatching trips on the lakes. Alleppey Temperature in December hovers around 22°C to 30°C (approx.), which is perfect for outdoor trips. Attend the temple festival at Mullakkal temple in December or shake your legs at the Alleppey Annual Beach Festival. If the clouds roar, it would hardly rain for 3 days that too not frequently.

Alleppey Temperature, Weather Condition & Forecast

Today's Temperature

Sat 29 Jan 22, 11:01 am IST
26.5 °C
Rain: 0 mm
Humidity: 61%
Wind: 6.8 km/h
UV Index: 7

Weather Forecast

29 Jan
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30 Jan
Partly cloudy
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31 Jan
Patchy rain possible
Rain: 75%