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Lambadi is a special kind of dance of Andhra Pradesh. In this form of dance, mainly the female dancers dance in tune with the male drummers to offer homage to their Lord for a good harvest. At Anupu Village near Nagarjunakonda, Lambadi dance originated. They are actually semi-nomadic tribes who are gradually moving towards civilization and decency. This dance is mainly restricted among the females and rarely the males participate in Lambadi Dance. Lambadi is a special kind of Folk Dance which involves participation by tribal women who bedeck themselves in colorful costumes and jewelry.

Mostly the Senegalese and Banjaras take part in the Lambadi Dance. They are the semi nomadic tribes of Andhra Pradesh. During the dance, the women dancers wear saree in a Rajasthani style. They also wear various jewelries all over their body. The saree of the Lambadi Dancers are decorated with mirrors and sequin. Ivory bangles and ornaments are a part and parcel of the Lambadi Dance. Since Lambadi is a dance of the females, it is neither vigorous nor erotic.

The subtle feminine movements of the Lambadi Dancers are delightful and rhythmic. When the drum is being played the dance gains a momentum and sensuousness. In order to support the female dancers and to compliment them with rhythmic touches, the male drummers often start dancing with their female counterparts. This is an interesting part of the Lambadi Dance. The Lambadi Dance is inspired from the daily chores of the farmer and it mainly involves on issues such as harvesting, sowing and planting.