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Best time to visit Assam

Assam lies in the North-East region of India. You can plan a trip to Assam all year long, but the best time to visit Assam is during the months of winters and summers, i.e., November to March. Winters in Assam are chilling but enjoyable, and summers are delightful and refreshing. Try to avoid monsoon season because heavy rains at times lead to inconveniences. Here is the detailed information about the best time to visit Assam. Take a look to get better insight, which will help you to plan a hassle-free Assam trip

Assam Weather

Seasons Months Temprature
Summers April to june 32 °C - 38 °C
Monsoon July to September 26°C - 32°C
Winters October to March 8 °C - 20 °C

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