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Snowfall in Auli

Auli is one of the prime destinations in India to enjoy winter vacations. It evokes the irresistible wanderlust in the hearts of travelers from all over the world. It is also known as the ski destination in India and attracts people to enjoy snow sports. Usually, snowfall in Auli starts in December, and it frequently falls until March. This is also one of the best times to visit Auli as the valley gets covered under a thick ice sheet for around 4 months.

Apart from enjoying the snow sports, you can get a mesmerizing view of the surroundings. The temperature from December to March remains around 15°C and -22°C. So it becomes fascinating for people looking for thrilling snow sports in Auli. To know more about the snowfall in Auli and activities, read the below information and plan your next exciting vacation in Auli.

Snowfall in Auli in December

It starts to snow in Auli from the first week of December, and it remains the same way throughout the month. The temperature during this month goes as high as 11°C and dips to -13°C on several occasions. This is the time when adventurers throng the valley for snow activities. You can also see several newly married couples on their honeymoon enjoying the fresh snowfall. Taking cable car rides, going on snow treks, and enjoying sightseeing are some highlights of Auli in December.

Making the trip even better is the range of tasty cuisines that can be savored here. But one of the most important things that you should keep in mind while planning your trip to Auli in December is keeping enough warm clothes.

Snowfall in Auli in January

It’s true that Auli has an abundance of lush green meadows. However, if you visit here during January, get ready to be welcomed by chilly/frosty winds and snow-laden valleys. This intrigues many tourists every year, and most people visit here during January on winter vacations.

January is the prime time to visit Auli for those who want to enjoy skiing, snow motorbiking, snowboarding, sledging, and skating. Of course, the kids also have great activities to enjoy. So if you are traveling with kids, make sure that you pack extra warm clothes inside your backpack to keep them warm. The weather can become frosty in a matter of minutes.

Snowfall in Auli in February

In February, Auli starts becoming more comfortable compared to December and January. The snow continues to fall but you also get more sunshine in February. However, if you plan to visit Auli in February, you still have to keep warm clothes in your travel bags because the temperature remains between 11°C and - 12°C (during the night).

Light showers can also hit you during your visit, which makes the air colder. In February, the number of activities that a person can enjoy increases. People can take their skiing gear to Trishul Peak and enjoy the sport. They can visit Roopkund Lake, which is a surprising attraction of Auli. Kwani Bugyal and Nanda Devi Peak views are some more exciting things to enjoy while visiting Auli in February. Cable car rides and chair car rides become functional at full force.

Snowfall in Auli in March

You can expect snowfall in March in Auli at any point in time. It starts getting warmer, showing the signs of summers returning, but it remains cold and snowy this entire month. People who love to enjoy snow activities with a comparatively less harsh climate can visit here during March. The number of staying options also increases because the adventurers have returned.

Visitors can enjoy several activities during March in Auli, including skiing. They can also enjoy visiting Joshimath & Nanda Devi National Park, trekking, camping, shopping at the market, hiking, and more. Auli never fails to mesmerize the visitors, and even in March, you get multiple enjoyable things to do. But, the temperature remains frosty, fluctuating anywhere between 12°C and - 12°C.

Tips to keep in mind while visiting Auli during winters

Apart from everything else, it is very important for you to keep enough warm clothes. The chilly winds and frosty temperatures can spoil your overall experience if not taken care of. Here are some tips that can help you during your winter trip to Auli:

  • Carry enough warm clothes as the climate is going to be harsh when it snows in Auli. You should also prefer wearing more layers than thick clothes.
  • If you can, carry a snow-resistant jacket that will also prevent chilly winds from entering your clothes. This will help in keeping your body warm.
  • You can keep an umbrella to save during rainfall (if any) or heavy snowfall.
  • Keep a water bottle in your backpack to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Ensure you have all the safety gear, including sunscreen, moisturizing creams, glasses (polaroids can be better), etc.
  • You can get snow activity gear from the renting shops in Auli.

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