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Eating Out in Badami

Eating out in Badami can be a welcome change for tourists as Badami has a charming eating habit where you can find contributions from all parts of the state. The culinary culture of Badami revolves around three staple items: ragi and jowar. Badami food is mainly cooked in coconut oil and has a diverse taste of variety. It is seen that the food here is less spicy and has an affinity towards being sour. Badami cuisine depends highly on rice, coconut, and jaggery. Another lovely combination used as an essential part of Badami Cuisine is that of urad dal and rice, which is used for the idlis and dosas. The non-vegetarian meal in Badami will have meat and fish. Meat and fish are cooked in different ways in Karnataka. Compared to other parts of India, Karnataka meals are lighter in terms of spice.

Some areas of Badami also specialize in varieties of seafood. These seafoods are delicious. Food in Badami is cooked mainly in coconut, sesame or groundnut oil. Kesari bhath, a preparation made of halwa, is of great importance in Badami. It is a dish of halwa made of semolina, sugar, and saffron. Chiroti and Mysore pak are the most favorite sweets in restaurants in Badami.

The List of Some of the famous Badami Restaurants are listed below.

  • Golden Caves Cuisine
  • Lemon Tree Restaurant
  • Bridge Restaurant
  • Heritage Restaurant
  • Baneshwar
  • Geeta Darshini
  • Banashree

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