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Shopping in Bangalore

Shopping in Bangalore is about collecting items and creating memories that will make you reminisce about its culture and tradition. In this city, you will get diverse shopping destinations, from bustling street markets to high-end shopping malls in Bangalore.

Moreover, this city has several antique and vintage shopping points and treasure troves for collectors. Besides that, you can buy traditional handicrafts, pottery, and art pieces from art and craft shops. But street shopping in Bangalore adds a unique element to this experience and offers a wide range of interests that will make your shopping experience memorable.

Ultimately, you should know the ideal places and must-buy items in Bangalore to experience the joy of shopping. The list below will give insight into the areas for shopping that cater to every budget and taste.

Best shopping places in Bangalore

Commercial Street

This is arguably the busiest shopping center in Bangalore. The marketplace is lined with various shops selling many articles, from garments, shoes, accessories, jewelry, stationery, novelties, travel kits, sports goods, and multiple works of art that can be used for decoration.

Mahatma Gandhi Road

Known as the South Parade during British Rule, the road has preserved the colonial feel in the buildings and the other structures around it to date. Shops in this place consist primarily of electronic gadgets, equipment used in photography, books, magazines, and antique items. A few garment shops mainly selling silk saris can also be noticed.

Brigade Road

 This market is famous for selling various electronic goods, including television sets, refrigerators, computers, music systems, washing machines, etc. Besides, some shops also sell garments, footwear, other related accessories, and even pottery.

Residency Road

The presence of several State-owned shops lights up the market here. The emporiums (as they are called) display a wide range of handicraft articles that primarily reflect the diversity of art in various States of India. The items consist of antique jewelry, brassware, wooden furniture, ethnic printed fabrics, saris, and many decorative items.

Richard Square

This place is a part of the big Russell Market. Many cutlery, pottery, and other household items are available here. This is one of the most appealing markets in Bangalore, which is considered a shopper paradise for so many good reasons.


This market is famous for pure silk saris, other dress materials, and gold and silver jewelry. Additionally, this market has an impressive range of contemporary and traditional clothing that caters to different tastes and preferences.

Arcot Srinivasachar Street

This street is one of the most vibrant shopping places in Bangalore that offers a diverse range of shops. Here, the shops sell brassware, silverware, and copperware, which are considered the must-buy items in Bangalore.

B.V.K. Iyengar Road

This place holds wooden products, plywood, electrical goods, and paper markets. Moreover, this road is known for having antique shops in Bangalore that you must explore while enjoying your shopping spree.

Avenue Road

This is the place for buying silver jewelry, items of stainless steel, and stationery goods.Here, you can snag some amazing deals on shopping items. However, you must know how to bargain perfectly. This road offers a wide range of options to collect as decorative items.

Shopping in Bangalore is a beautiful experience as most of the markets in Bangalore are well distributed around the city, and by visiting each of them, you will learn more about the Bangalore with our Travel guide.


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