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Benaulim Beach, Goa

Fast Facts

Benaulim beach, Goa starts from the ending point of Colva beach

Did You Know

Benaulim beach, Goa is among the quietest beaches of Goa. There are assistants in Benaulim beach, Goa who help visitors by bringing them food and drinks as per their order.

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Benaulim beach, Goa is among the quietest beaches of the region. It starts right at the ending point of the Colva beach. Benaulim beach, Goa is among the best beaches as far as fishing is concerned, and has a developing tourist count as it remains largely under the wraps as far as Indian tourists are concerned.

Benaulim beach, Goa is normally crowded during weekends and on evenings. It is highly preferred as a result of the excellent climatic conditions offered by it. There are a number of assistants available in the Benaulim beach, Goa who help visitors with various issues like drinks and snacks for example.

The Church of St. John the Baptist is one of the major tourist attractions of Benaulim beach, Goa. It is present on a hill overlooking the village. During the beginning of the rainy season the Feast of St. John the Baptist or Sao Joao is celebrated as a form of thanksgiving.

During this feast young men go around singing for gifts dressed in fruits and leaves. They also jump in wells in order to commemorate St. John's movement in his mother's womb upon the visit of Jesus Christ's mother Mary.

There are a couple of hotels in Benaulim beach, Goa that are good enough for purposes of accommodation. Besides, visitors can also book houses if they want to stay for a long period of time. Visitors to Benaulim beach, Goa can enjoy bull fighting. Bull fighting season in Benaulim beach, Goa starts from early October and runs till end of May.

Bull fighting is normally held at old rice fields that do not have any fences and lie immediately outside a village. The additional feature these bull fights is Konkani music. Visitors can also swim in the sea as it is free of jellyfishes and is thus safe.

Visitors can also get necessary resources from the bars, restaurants and stores in the village. There are some telephone booths as well, which takes care of the communication. Since Benaulim beach, Goa is close to the Margao market and there is a Christian Fishing Community in Benaulim beach, Goa visitors can get the best sea food in Goa at good prices.

The shack cafes at the beachfront are the best places to eat. Johncy's is the most reputable amongst all these. The smaller terrace restaurants in the village and lining the beach offer better food. Congenial Garden Restaurant of Palm Grove is the best among these. However, Hawaii Shack offers the freshest sea food.

Beach Bonanza Fair is held on consecutive Sundays. They start from the middle of April. Visitors can enjoy various forms of entertainment at the Beach Bonanza Fair

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