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Calangute Beach, Goa

Fast Facts

Only 45 minutes away from Panjim by bus

Did You Know

It is among the busier and most often visited beaches in Goa. It occupies an important place in Goa government's plans of generating more income through tourism. It was a hideout of hippies during 70s and 80s

Must Do

Shopping Water sports Fishing


Visitors can reach Calangute beach, Goa from Panjim after a bus ride of 45 minutes. It is regarded as perhaps the most marketed and busiest beaches in Goa.

Calangute beach, Goa is also extremely important to the Goa government as it is central to their plan for generating increased levels of income. Calangute beach, Goa was a fishing village once upon a time and during this time, in the 70s and 80s, it was frequented by the hippies.

There are a number of Kashmiri shops that line the road that is between the beach and the town. These offer exquisite handicraft products. There are a few Tibetan shops as well that offer jewellery and curio from the Himalayas. There are lots of Rajasthani, Karnatakan and Gujarati textiles available at shops near the Calangute beach, Goa.

Visitors can also enjoy a number of water sports at Calangute beach, Goa like parasailing, wind surfing and water skiing for example. These activities start during afternoon and they go on until sunset. They may also participate in fishing near the row of old boats placed below the sand dunes.

Majority of bars and restaurants in Calangute beach, Goa are present near the Baga Road and in the entrance of the beach. Even though they mostly deal in seafood there are some vegetarian restaurants as well. There are some restaurants that offer Western breakfast as well.

The bars of Calangute beach, Goa normally close by 10 pm at night. Tito's is the only bar that is the exception in this case. It stays open till early hours in morning during late December and January and late hours of night during the off season.

There are a couple of lively joints in the woods near the southern portion of the beach road. Pete's Bar, next to Angela P. Fernandes is a popular bar and is a prominent member of this group. It offers drinks at affordable prices, non stop reggae and backgammon sets. Bob's Inn, which is amongst Candolim beach and Calangute beach, is a popular bar as well.

Kerkar Art Gallery is a major tourist attraction of Calangute beach, Goa. It is close to the beach and has the works of emerging artists of Goa. There is also a night of Indian dance and music held at Kerkar Art Gallery on a weekly basis.

Church of St. Alex is a major tourist attraction of Calangute beach, Goa. It is a majestic building as well with two towers as well as a splendid dome that graces the facade. The inner side is equally attractive as well.

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