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Marve, Manori and Goarai Beaches

Fast Facts

Set of three beaches arranged along Manori Creek. Marve is nearest to Mumbai city, and Goarai farthest Malad on Western Railway is the nearest railway station.

Did You Know

Marve, Manori, and Goarai are fishing villages,Goarai is a sunset viewing spot

Must Do

Beach parties,Boat ride


Marve, Manori, Goarai is a set of three beaches close to one another. Marve beach is the nearest of these three from Mumbai city and is reachable from Malad railway station by bus, taxis, or cars. The Manori beach is located opposite Marve beach across the Manori Creek. A 15 minute ferry ride takes tourists from Marve Ferry Point to Manori Ferry Point. Goarai is situated to the north of Manori beach.

Low hills, unspoilt sand, and clear sea water makes a pleasant outing for visitors to these three Mumbai beaches. Marve is about 20 km from Mumbai city and Manori is around 40 km away. The calmness of these three locales provides solace to local residents from the regular drudgery and chaos of city life. Visitors are enthralled by the marvelous sunset from Goarai.

Attractions of Marve, Manori, Goarai

A Portuguese church in Marve is a major tourist attraction. Catholic inhabitants wearing traditional Portuguese attire lend a bygone era charm to this region. Cashew nut bushes along the sea coast make a lovely sight. Night beach parties are held regularly on these Mumbai beaches. Fishing villages and quaint bungalows add to the charm of the locality.

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