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Varkala Beach in Kerala

Fast Facts

54 kilometers away from Thiruvananthapuram. 37 kilometers away from Kollam,Railway station is three kilometers away

Did You Know

It is the best place from where to watch sunset in Kerala, It is also known as Southern Kasi,Also known as Papanasam beach.

Must Do

Watch sunset,Bathe in mineral springs,Massages ,Yoga and meditation sessions,Swimming,Sunbathing,Volleyball,Watersports.


Varkala beach is in Kerala. It is a major tourist destination of Kerala. It is at a distance of 54 kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram and at a distance of 37 kilometers from Kollam.

Varkala beach is regarded as the best spot for watching sunset in Kerala. The mineral water, which comes down from the hills, is supposed to possess medicinal properties. Sree Janardhana Swamy temple is one of the major tourist attractions of Varkala beach. It is an 800 year old temple and is a prominent pilgrimage destination of Kerala.

The Janardhana temple is dedicated to Hanuman and Ayyappan, who are prominent figures of Indian mythology. There are other well known tourist attractions like Sivagiri Mutt founded by Sree Narayana guru, one of the most well known Hindu reformers and philosophers. His samadhi or burial ground attracts a lot of tourists as well. This temple is the reason why the region has earned the name Southern Kasi. Accommodation at Varkala beach is not an issue as there are a number of hotels and resorts for the purpose.

Hindustan Beach Retreat is a four star deluxe hotel, Taj Garden Retreat is a five star resort, Raja Park Beach Resort is a two star resort and Preeth Beach Resort is a two star resort as well. These are the leading names as far as accommodation in Varkala beach is concerned.

The mineral springs in Varkala beach are a major tourist attraction of the region. Since they have therapeutic properties they are visited each year by a lot of people who bathe in it. Varkala beach is also called Papanasam beach. The main reason behind this is the belief that washing oneself in the waters of this beach would wash away all the sins.

Visitors also have the option of visiting the well known nature cure center located at close proximity to the Varkala beach. The most suitable time to visit Varkala beach is from September to May. The massage facilities available at Varkala beach are well known too.

Visitors can also avail the various yoga and meditation courses offered at Varkala beach. There are other activities like swimming, volleyball and sunbathing on offer too for the visitors. Besides they can participate in various watersports like parasailing, wind surfing and scuba diving.

Getting to Varkala beach is not an issue as there are a number of transportation options available for the purpose. It is close to major towns in Kerala. The closest railway station to Varkala beach is only three kilometers away from it.

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