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Best Cuisine in India

India is one of the most popular destinations for the tourists all over the world. Some of the reasons behind it might be the reasonably priced tour packages, beautiful landscapes and delectable cuisine.

India is home to various religion and culture. As you travel from one part of the country to another, you will find changes in language, culture, dress and lifestyle. The cuisine also keeps changing. If Mach-bhat (fish and rice) is famous in West Bengal, then Sarson da saag te makki di roti (bread and green vegetables) is popular in Punjab. Indian cuisine like Dal Makhani, Rajma, Murg musallam, Dum Bhindi, Kofta, Mughlai Paratha and Dosa sambar represent the palate of different parts of the country.

Food lovers from all around the world come to India to taste these delicacies. This page is your guide to the best cuisines in India.

India is also known for its road-side snacks shops. Easily available Rolls, pani-puris, samosas, dhokla, chaats, idli and variety of pakoras can be good appetizer before the main course.

There are food festivals at different parts of this country at different times of the year. If you are a foodie then you must attend the food festivals in India. You will find a wide range of popular Indian cuisine at these events. Satisfy your gastronomical desires with only the best Indian dishes.

Apart from the main Cuisine in India, the lip smacking desserts are also popular. These include Gajar ka Halwa, Rasgulla, Rasmalai, Peda, Jalebi, Gulabjamun, Kheer, Firni, and many more. Special dishes are prepared to mark festivals in India. Bhang sharbat during Holi, Sewaiyan during Id, Bhog during Durgapuja, Cakes during Christmas, and Jaggry sweets during Makar Sankranti are must to celebrate the occasion.