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Fast Facts

South Indian recipe

A preparation of rice and lentil

A steamed food

Did You Know

Mentioned in the writings of Shivakotiacharya of Kannada in 920 A.D.

Traditionally rice and lentil were ground using stone mortars and pestles

Main Ingredients-
• Rice
• Split black lentil (urad dal)


Idli is a typical South Indian recipe. This vegetarian item is essentially a rice pancake of approximate diameter of three inches. Idlis are savored with ‘sambar’ and ‘chutneys’ usually in breakfast or as a snack.


The constituents of making idli are simple:

  • 2 parts long grained rice,
  • 1 part split black lentil (urad dal)

Preparing idlis

  • Idlis from fermented batter can be made instantaneously. The batter however is to be fermented overnight.
  • Soak long grained rice for at least six hours and split black lentil for a couple of hours separately;
  • Grind the rice to a coarse paste and the urad dal to a fine paste;
  • Mix the rice and lentil pastes thoroughly;
  • This paste is left overnight to ferment;
  • Proper fermentation will increase the volume of the batter to almost 2 ½ times its original volume;
  • The batter is then placed in greased moulds; (these moulds are arranged in a row of circular trays which have perforations);
  • These trays are then placed in a pot partially filled with water (care must be taken that there is sufficient gap between the water level and the trays);
  • Cover the pot and allow the water to boil for 15 to 25 minutes depending on the size of the idlis;
  • Take the trays out from the pot and serve fluffy hot idlis
  • Idlis are enjoyed as snacks by most Indians and also served in Indian restaurants across the globe.

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