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Mughlai Paratha Recipe

Fast Facts
Fast Facts

Staple food made from flour

North-west Indian recipe

•Filling can either be vegetarian or non-vegetarian

Did You Know
Did You Know

Can be eaten as it is, with main course, or with pickles

Loved by people of all ages

To be eaten hot

Main Ingredients-
• Flour
• Milk
• Minced Meat or Vegetables
• Egg
• Ghee


Mughlai Paratha is a North-west Indian staple food item made from flour. Mughlai paratha comprising a filling of vegetarian or non-vegetarian material and dough is essentially rolled and fried. These parathas can be eaten with vegetarian or non-vegetarian main course dishes or pickles.


The ingredients used in making mughlai parathas are differentiated into the dough and the filling.

For the dough use 500 gm. of flour, 1 cup of milk, warm water and salt to taste.

For the filling use 500 gm of spicy minced meat. In case the filling required is vegetarian, use spicy minced vegetables.

The other ingredients required are 3 eggs, ghee (clarified butter), or cooking oil.


Begin by preparing the dough. Pour the flour into a large bowl, add salt and knead with milk taking little at a time. After using up the milk knead with water till the dough is smooth and medium-soft in texture. After the dough is made, rub the wet hands all over the surface. Then cover it with a damp cloth and keep it for about fifteen minutes.

  • Whisk the eggs with salt separately and keep it aside;
  • The dough is then to be divided into a number of even sized balls.
  • Take one ball at a time, place it on a floured surface and roll out a circle of approximately 4 inches diameter.
  • Put one large spoonful of minced spicy meat in the center of this circle and fold the edges so as to cover the entire filling. Care must be taken to envelope the entire stuffing. Press the filled ball gently to flatten it and thereafter using a pin roll it gently to a circle of approximate diameter of 6 inches. An uncooked paratha is thus prepared.
  • Heat oil in a griddle over medium flame and place the ‘paratha’ in it. Fry till tiny bubbles appear on the upper surface after which it is to be flipped over. Repeat the step for the other side.
  • Now brush the top surface with whipped egg and flip it over. Repeat it for the other surface.
  • The paratha is ready to be served when the egg is fried.

Mughlai paratha can be prepared using vegetable filling instead of minced meat.

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