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Falaknuma Palace

Fast Facts

It is located in the city of Hyderbad. Built by the eminent architect Nawab Viqar-ul-Umra. Rare Italian Tudor styles are reflected in the palace.

Did You Know

It served as the royal guest house for the rulers. It is designed in the form of a scorpion. It has the largest manually operated organ in the world.

Must Do

Witness the great architectural brilliance of the palace and get amazed by its splendor. Take prior permission for visiting this palace.


You will get to see the amazing piece of architecture of Falaknuma Palace in the city of Hyderabad. This city of the Nizams boasts of owning some of the most impressive edifices in the world. Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad stands as a testimony to the glorious time of the Nizams. It is one of the finest pieces of architecture and is situated in Falaknuma. Engineered by the famous architect Nawab Vikar-ul-Umra, this palace connotes "Star of Heaven" in the Urdu language.

Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad, located close to the Charminar served as the royal guest house for the rulers of Hyderbad. It shows a rare style of the Italian and Tudor architecture. Covering a total area of 9,39,712 square meters, the construction of the palace started on 3rd March, 1884. It took 9 long years to complete this architectural splendor. The exterior of the Falaknuma Palace is as impressive as the interior. Italian marbles were imported for the excellent works in the interior of the palace.

The palace looks somewhat like scorpion. The stings project out in the northern side of the palace. The arch gateways in the pyramidal fashion depict Neo Classical style of storeys. The staircase that leads to the various floors of the palace are made of authentic Italian marble. Marble figures and structures are another feature of the Falaknuma Palace. Portraits of the British Governor Generals adorn the interior walls of the palace. The library is equally impressive and is decorated with walnut carved wood. It houses some of the rarest manuscripts and books in the world.

There Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad is counted as one of the most imposing monuments because of the large number of rooms built for various purposes. There are a total of 222 opulent rooms and 22 roomy halls. There are billiard room, card room smoking room, huge dining hall and others. The rooms are beautifully decorated with arches, upholstery, gilded works and state of the art furniture. The reception room is the major highlight of the palace with gilded decors and frescos.

The Venetian chandeliers are the major draw of the palace. There are 40 such chandeliers spread all through the Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad. The colored glass of the windows also adds charm to the palace. The palace houses the largest manually operated organ in the world. The collections of jade articles in the palace are only one of its kinds in the world.

The palace at present is a part of the Taj Group and has been converted into a plush 5 star hotel. To get inside the Falaknuma Palace, you need to take prior permission. October to March is the ideal time to visit this palace.

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