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The Nizam's Museum, Hyderabad

Fast Facts

The Nizam's Museum is located in the Purani Haveli.

In 1750, this site came under the possession of the second Nizam of the city.

The interesting collection of the museum includes mementoes, gifts, vintage cars, models of the popular buildings of the city and a golden wooden throne.

Did You Know

Most of the items in collection were used on the occasion of the silver jubilee celebrations of the Nizam.

Must Do

Browse through all the objects d'art of the museum.


The Nizam's Museum, Hyderabad is located in the famous Purani Haveli of the city. In the year 1750, the site was taken into possession by the second Nizam of the city. Today, this site has become a popular tourist attraction of the place in the form of a museum.

The Nizam's Museum in Hyderabad is well known for its rich and varied collection of artifacts. The collection basically comprises mementoes and gifts which were given to the last Nizam to mark a celebration of the silver jubilee. Most of the object d'art belongs to the year of 1936.

In the Nizam's Museum, Hyderabad you will also come across vintage cars of 1930. The showcase includes Rolls Royce, Packard and Mark V Jaguar. Apart from these, you can also see a vast range of the models of the buildings. The models are made of silver and present a good view of the eminent buildings of the city of Hyderabad.

You can also take a look at the Urdu citations about H.E.H. Mir Osman Ali Khan. It is a delight to browse through the golden wooden throne of the Nizam. This throne was used on the occasion of the silver jubilee celebrations of the Nizam.

The Nizam's Museum, Hyderabad also houses a gold tiffin-box adorned with diamonds, silver coffee cups etched with diamonds and a model of the Jubilee Pavilion. This model is again made of gold. Among these items of interest, you must not give a miss to the silver filigree elephant here.

You can plan a trip to the Nizam's Museum on any day of the week except Fridays. The entry timing for the museum is between 10.00 A.M. and 5.00 P.M.

After paying a visit to this famous museum of the city, you can go to other popular tourist attractions in Hyderabad. You will surely enjoy a visit to the spots like Charminar, which is 2 km away from the museum of Nizam, and Salar Jung Museum.

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