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Angling in Himachal Pradesh

Fast Facts

Numerous fish species are found in the water bodies of Himachal including brown and rainbow trout, mahseer, nemacheilus, barilus, schizothoracids crossocheilus and glyptothorax.

Did You Know

Tourism is a booming industry of Himachal Pradesh and is a major contributor to the state’s GDP.

Must Do

Along with angling, do not miss to treat your eyes to the surrounding scenic beauty.


One of the major activities, which is favorite among the visitors, is the angling in Himachal Pradesh. Over the years, angling has become a fast developing sport in India, particularly in the northern states of India. Himachal Pradesh is one of the prime angling destinations in India. It is basically a kind of fishing, more of a recreational fishing or sport fishing.

There are numerous small streams and lake that provide superb venue for angling in Himachal Pradesh. These streams can be categorized under General-Water streams and Trout-Water streams, based on the types of fishes found on the stream. The various types of fishes, which are available on the streams for angling, include trout, mahseer, nemacheilus, barilus, schizothoracids crossocheilus and glyptothorax. Brown and Rainblw trouts are the major fishes on the streams.

The state of Himachal Pradesh with numerous streams is a paradise for the anglers.

The streams of Himachal Pradesh teem with numerous fishes, which make it ideal for the anglers to try out their favorite sport. There are various resorts in Himachal Pradesh, which are ideally suitable for angling. The strategic spots for angling, Himachal Pradesh are Rohru, Chirgaon, Tattapani, Katrain, Largi, Banjar and Kasol for trout fishing. For the angling of Mahasheer, the favorite spots are Dehra, Nadaun, Pong Dam and Barot.

For a remarkable and memorable angling experience, you can reach up to the upper streams of Beas and Kullu Valley. Sarvari, Parbati, Sainj, Hurla and Tirthan offers excellent prospect for the angling lovers. There are reservoirs, which offer opportunities for angling in Himachal Pradesh. The major streams of the Himachal Pradesh state , which offers several angling opportunities are Beas, Sutlej, Ravi, Tirthan, Sainj, Uhl, Baspa, Pabar, Lambadug, Giri, Rana, Nugal Gai, Baner and Bata.

For angling in Himachal Pradesh, you need to pay a nominal amount. The best season for trout angling is between 31 March to 31 October. If you are in to Mahaseer angling, the best time for it are January, February, March, April, September, October, November and December.

You will definitely enjoy angling in Himachal Pradesh as there are numerous options for it. Next time, when you visit Himachal Pradesh make sure to try out angling in the streams. Other then angling, you can have various other things to do in Himachal Pradesh.

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