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Elephant Ride in Bandhavgarh

Fast Facts

No other safari takes as close to the India tiger as the elephant safari.

Did You Know

Bandhavgarh Park was declared a National Park in the 1968.

Must Do

Explore the park for its rich flora and fauna.


The land of the tigers, the Bandhavgarh National Park is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Elephant Ride in Bandhavgarh is a wonderful experience as you can witness wildlife in the midst of their ideal habitat. It lends more charm to the safari trips in the area and is an experience of a lifetime.

The Bandhavgarh National Park is located amidst the Vindhya Hills and consists of 32 hills and sprawling vegetation having a variety of bamboo grasslands and sal, dhobin and saga trees. It is famous for the white tigers which can be seen very easily while undertaking Bandhavgarh elephant ride tours. The paths that elephants take go through the deep forests thereby increasing the chances of wild animal sightings.

By embarking on an elephant ride in Bandhavgarh, you can explore the beautiful forest and witness perfect wildlife surroundings.

Bandhavgarh is home to around 22 species of flora and fauna Apart from the famous white tiger, there are also other species of wildlife like striped hyena, jungle cat and sloth bear. Around 250 species of birds live in the National Park. One can also embark on elephant riding tours to the Bandhavgarh Fort which is located at the middle of the forest.

The ideal time for elephant ride in Bandhavgarh is during the period between November and June. The weather during this part of the year is dry and sunny and the temperature is also mild. Local guides accompany travelers in the elephant rides and provide useful information about the National Park and its wildlife.

If you wish to stay some days amidst the lap of nature, then you can book a room at the wildlife resorts in the Bandhavgarh National Park. There is a wide range of government run and private wildlife resorts where you can stay in the midst of idyllic natural setting.

Reaching Bandhavgarh is also easy and convenient. The nearest airport is at Khajuraho while the nearest railway station is at Umaria. It takes around 30 minutes to drive from Umaria to Bandhavgarh while Khajuraho is around 10 hours away. The city of Jabalpur is around 5 hours away. Plenty of cars, taxis, buses and four wheelers ply between Bandhavgarh and these places.

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