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Bhopal Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Bhopal

Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh state, offers rich history, picturesque scenery and a sneak peek into its rich Mugahl past through its towering monuments, gardens and food.

  • Bhopal city in Madhya Pradesh
Bhopal At a Glance
  • Average Climate:10°C - 25°C
  • Best Time to Visit:October - March
  • STD Code:0755

Bhopal Travel Guide

Bhopal is the capital and vibrant city of Madhya Pradesh that is a treasure trove of culture, heritage, rich history, and urban sprawls. It is one of the greenest cities of India that is famous for natural and artificial lakes, rich forests, hills, historical monuments, and striking landscapes. All of its elements make this city worth a trip and give you reasons to pack your bag for enjoying your holiday. The contrasts of beauty are stored in every corner that you can explore through places to visit in Bhopal. Old Haveli, exquisite mosques, well-carved temples, museums, and modern buildings are some of the attractions of Bhopal that will captivate you.

Bhopal tourism is an opportunity to explore the diversity that spreads in every nook and corner of the city. And on top of it, you can discover the tribal culture of Madhya Pradesh. The rich historical background and modernization of this city will grace your Bhopal trip in so many ways. Being blessed with diversity for different kinds of interests and tourists, it is one of the best tourist places in India that attracts tourists to enjoy a vacation from far and wide. If you want to cover all the information for planning your trip, look at this Bhopal travel guide and plan your trip efficiently.

Fast Fact about Bhopal Tourism

Total Area 285.9 KM²
Bhopal Average Temperature 25°C
Altitude 527 meters
Best Time to visit October to February

Bhopal for Solo Travellers

A solo trip is all about adding a new experience to your life that you can cherish for a long time. And if you are looking forward to set your tone with the City of Lakes, then be ready to drench in the fun-loving vibes. Bhopal welcomes everyone with its multi-culture charm and natural beauty. You can explore the beauty of this elegant city and your inner potential on your solo trip in Bhopal parallelly. This city has covered the largest area of forest by comparison to other cities of Madhya Pradesh and got the title of one of the greenest cities of the country. It shows that you will get a good dose of nature and wildlife from Bhopal.  Upper and Lower Lake, Bhimbetka, Birla Museum, and Raisen Fort are some of the must-visit places for solo trip in Bhopal.

Corporate and MICE Tourism in Bhopal

Bhopal is an amalgamation of traditionalism and modernization that entices every kind of traveler. Whether you want to discover the fascinating and defining chapter of Bhopal’s history through visiting historical monuments or you want to enjoy the tour of wildlife, the choice is limitless for everyone. No wonder! This appealing city store has captivating beauty that you can explore through many dimensions on your office trip. Van Vihar, boat club, the lakes, mosques, wildlife, and temples are some of the best places to visit for office tours in Bhopal. This city never fails to amaze and offers plenty of things to do for every kind of tourist.

Ladies Special Tour in Bhopal

Bhopal has a vibrant history and is the only city in the world that was ruled by four female rulers consecutively for 107 years. This city has two picturesque and pristine lakes that are divided into two parts. One part still has the old charm where women can explore the bazaar and shop for handicrafts. The other part of this city has a luxurious shopping center, hotels, and the potential to match the pace of metropolises in the country. Girls can enjoy their trip with different kinds of attractions. State Museum of Madhya Pradesh, Upper and Lower Lake, Bhimbetka, Bhojpur Temple, Birla Museum, and Raisen Fort are some of the best places for a girl's trip in Bhopal. These are the places that enhance the travel experience of women.

Family Holiday in Bhopal

From pride lakes to lush greenery, Bhopal has so many attractions that keep you bound with entertainment. These attractions show the rich heritage of this city, glorious past, and the pace of modernity that give you a wholesome experience of Bhopal tourism with family. This city is full of museums and greenery where you can get a more insightful experience of the history of Bhopal. Bhimbetka Caves, Van Vihar National Park, Birla Museum, Bhojpur Temple, Upper Lake, and Lower Lake are some of the best family-friendly tourist places in Bhopal that you should not miss. This capital city of Madhya Pradesh has a blend of new pace and old vibes that you can experience with your family. The one side is just a reflection of an old-time where history is still alive whereas the other side of Bhopal has luxurious hotels, malls, buildings, and restaurants.

Honeymoon in Bhopal

Incredible and mindblowing are two words that come along with Bhopal. If planning a honeymoon in Bhopal is running in your mind, be ready to make these words part of your journey. With its southern part of Bhopal, you can enjoy modernity, but the old part of Bhopal holds a rich historical background that gives you places where you can spend quality time in seclusion. Apart from exploring beauty, there are lots of romantic things to do in Bhopal for couples. Enjoy a boat ride in the Upper Lake, picnic at Kerwa Dam, and get a delightful view from the Bhopal ropeway, and rides at Crescent water park are some of the ideal ways to make your romance bloom. A honeymoon is an integral part of your love life and the start of your new phase of life. So, it is better to pick the best place that matches your mood and interest. You can experience love in the air at numerous romantic places. Upper Lake, Sair Sapata, Kerwa Dam, Bhopal Ropeway, and Rani Mahal are some romantic honeymoon places in Bhopal.

Bhopal for Couples

Bhopal is one of the most beautiful cities in Madhya Pradesh, not just because of its natural beauty and rich history. But also for the delicious foods, shopping spree, and romantic activities that couples can enjoy together. The list of couple-friendly places in Bhopal gives many shades to rekindle your bond and make good memories. Lower Lake, Sair Sapata, Upper Lake, Kerwa Dam, Bhopal Ropeway, and Van Vihar National Park are some of the best romantic places for couples in Bhopal. Apart from exploring from one destination to another, do not forget that this city offers a lovely opportunity for a couple to create lifelong memories. From enjoying a romantic dinner to taking a romantic walk at the stunning bridge Sair Sapata, couples can enjoy quality time in each other's arms. Undoubtedly, Bhopal is a city that offers a treat for lovebirds in so many ways.

Disabled-Friendly Tourism in Bhopal

Bhopal is one of the most desirable tourist destinations that gives a glimpse of the bygone era. This city has the potential to delight disabled-friendly tourists and offer them scenic and interesting spots that they can visit through their Bhopal trip. The attractions are scattered in Bhopal that welcome tourists from around the world. Disabled friendly tourism in Bhopal offers a new dimension and facility that people with challenges can enjoy the tour easily. The facilities of ramps for wheelchair riders allow visitors to enjoy the sight without facing any trouble. Some of the disabled-friendly tourist places in Bhopal are the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Birla Museum, Bharat Bhawan, and Sanchi Stupa. The physically challenged people can enjoy their trip in Bhopal with their families at these places.

Pet-Friendly Tourism in Bhopal

Being a capital city and major tourist place in Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal welcomes tourists throughout the year. This city has something for everyone, whether you want to plan your Bhopal trip with your family, friends, beloved, or with your pet. Yes! You heard right. You can enjoy your Bhopal trip with pet. There are numerous accommodations in Bhopal that are pet-friendly. Make sure to inform the hotel about that in advance for an easy-going stay. Most of the pet owners are worried about the staying facility that allows them with their pets. Bhopal tourism has numerous pet-friendly hotels where you can enjoy your trip without worrying about the comfort and amenities for you as well as for your pet. Ivy Suites, happy Stay. Zorba Farms, Hotel Aditya Residency, Arr Kay Solutions, and Ambi Farms are some of the best pet-friendly accommodations in Bhopal. These hotels and resorts may charge a little bit but give the facility to your pet what they deserve.

Interesting facts About Bhopal

  • Bhopal is home to India's largest Mosques-Taj-ul-Masajid.
  • You can take a traditional Turkish bath in Bhopal.
  • Probably the oldest artificial lake in India -Upper Lake.
  • The Museum of Mankind in Bhopal displays the tribal and folk houses from the corner of the country.
  • Bhopal has one of the largest bus rapid systems in the country.
  • This city is one of the best-connected cities on railway routes.
  • Habibganj railway station of Bhopal is the first ISO-certified private railway station in India.
  • Bhopal has the title of one of the greenest cities in India.
  • This city is also known as the city of lakes because it has more than fifteen large and small lakes.
  • DB City Mall of Bhopal is one of the largest malls in the country.


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