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Excursions from Bhopal

A fusion of many ethnic religions has long enriched the culture of Bhopal and made it one of the chosen tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh. This tourist destination is characterized by a sprawling landscape dotted with placid lakes. The beauty of this place attracts many tourists from parts of India and abroad. Hence, a tour to Bhopal and excursions from Bhopal are equally exciting as they offer unforgettable experiences.

The tourist places near Bhopal cover the exciting attractions famous for their distinct charm. A journey from Bhopal to nearby places also gives you insights into the rich history and culture that Madhya Pradesh possesses. If you are planning a trip, October to March is the best time for visiting Bhopal and its nearby tourist destinations, as the weather conditions are pleasant.

Here are the best Places to Visit Near Bhopal


Bhopal to Bhojpur Route: Bhopal - Harris Road - Ambedkar Road - Misrod - Bhojpur (1 hour drive)

Places near Bhopal exude a unique charm. One such destination that must be visited on your Bhopal excursions is Bhojpur. Well-known for the glorious 11th-century Shiva temple, 'Bhojeshwar Mandir', the city also has a beautiful lake constructed by the famous Raja Bhoj. The massive Shiva Lingam in the temple is cut out of a single rock and is known for being the largest in India. The temple is a simple square with an opulently carved dome that supports four pillars guarded by two ornate figures at the doorway. A vibrant and colossal mela (fair) is organized here at the Maha Shivratri festival.


Bhopal to Bhimbetka Route: Bhopal - Bhairopur - Kamkheda - Bhimbetka (1.5 hours drive)

Bhimbetka, an essential stopover in the tourist's itinerary on his excursions from Bhopal, is perched on the northern outskirts of the Vindhya Mountain ranges. The paintings in the Bhimbetka caves belonging to the Neolithic age exhibit the life of the primitive cave dwellers and this place was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in July 2003. These quaint paintings are estimated to be about 1,200 years old. The paintings also depict the various religious and ritual symbols popular in those days.


Bhopal to Vidisha Route: Bhopal - Vidisha Highway - Shastri Nagar - Baripura - Vidisha (1.5 hour drive)

Kickstart your trip from Bhopal to Vidisha, a well-known town for its rich cultural heritage. Visit the famous monuments here, including Udayagiri Caves, rock-cut caves used earlier for worship purposes. They are the most beautiful attractions of Vidisha, along with Maladevi Temple. The town was under the rule of the mighty Gupta empire, so the place’s history is fascinating. Ask a local and they sure might give you information about it. Art-loving travelers will love Vidisha. Also, it lies at the confluence of the Betwa and the Beas Rivers, which looks stunning, especially from September to March.


Bhopal to Hoshangabad Route: Bhopal - Obaidullaganj - Bakhera - Hoshangabad (2 hours drive)

On the banks of the holy Narmada River lies Hoshangabad, one of the best places for day trips from Bhopal. It is a picturesque piece of nature, visited for its historical importance and natural wonders. Erstwhile, Hoshangabad was called Narmadapuram after the river, but a ruler, Hoshang Shah, renamed it. Sethani Ghat, Satpura National Park, and Bee Falls are tourist hotspots you can explore here. Visit between March and October for the best road trip experience. There are also seasonal ponds and lakes, attracting picnickers. However, avoid monsoon seasons due to heavy rainfalls that lead to traffic congestion.


Bhopal to Mandu Route: Bhopal - Dewas - Indore - Mhow - Mandu (6 hours drive)

Attractions like Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Baz Bahadur’s Palace, and Jama Masjid make Mandu one of the best places to visit among history buffs. Along with this, the serenity of the lake, the rock-cut caves, the walls adorned with paintings, and more are some of the factors which Mandu is known for. Founded by Parmar rulers in the 11th century, this place was once used as a fort capital. October to April is the ideal time to plan a trip from Bhopal to Mandu, as the weather is calm, clear, and comfortable for visiting the top tourist attractions. 


Bhopal to Mandu Route: Bhopal - Balampur - Chhola - Sanchi (1.5 hour drive)

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sanchi is one of the renowned places in the Buddhist circuit of India. The Buddhist Stupas here contain the remains of the Buddha and his followers, which you can explore on your trip from Bhopal. Among all the attractions here, Sanchi Stupa is the most significant to the Buddhist chants. Apart from this, Sanchi Archaeological Museum, Ashoka Pillar, etc., are famous here. King Ashoka constructed this place, and till date, it stands strong as a center of Buddhist philosophy.

If you want to plan a road trip from Bhopal to nearby places, book Bhopal tour packages with Indian Holiday. Explore Bhopal city and nearby destinations, known for their historical, religious, and cultural importance.


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Q: What is the cost of a Bhopal trip?

Ans: A weekend trip to Bhopal will cost you around INR 13,000 per person. However, you can extend the trip as per your interests. Also, factors like sightseeing, transfers, accommodation, food and personal expenses will increase or decrease the cost of the tour. For a customized Bhopal weekend trip package, contact Indian Holiday.

Q: What is there to see in Bhopal?

Ans: Bhopal is a historically and culturally rich destination in Madhya Pradesh, visited by thousands daily. From caves to palaces and museums, Bhopal has a range of attractions to visit. Here are some of the famous ones -

  • Bhimbetka Caves
  • Raisen Fort
  • Shaukat Mahal
  • National Museum of Mankind
  • Birla Museum
  • Lower Lake
  • Upper Lake
  • Taj-ul-Masjid
  • Bhojpur Temple
Q: How many days are enough for Bhopal?

Ans: 2 to 3 days are sufficient to explore Bhopal. You can visit the major tourist hotspots like Bhimbetka Caves, Upper Lake, Lower Lake, and more in 3 days. However, you can also extend your trip and cover the tourist places near Bhopal.

Q: What are the best Bhopal tour packages offered by Indian Holiday?

Ans: Here are some of the best Bhopal tour packages we offer:

Q: Is it safe to opt for Bhopal tour packages?

Ans: Yes. Bhopal is a beautiful city that thousands of tourists visit regularly. It is safe, provided you don’t roam alone in isolated areas at night. Also, take care of your belongings when out or keep them safe in your hotel room locker.