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Excursions from Bhubaneshwar

Bhubaneshwar, the capital of Orissa, is also one of the major places of tourist interest in the state. Known for its plethora of temples that are brilliant specimens of Orissan art and architecture, Bhubaneshwar is one of the enchanting and interesting places to visit during your Tour to Orissa. If you plan a temple tour during your stay in the city, then it is advisable that you extend your sojourn because visiting the most reputed temples in Bhubaneshwar is a time-consuming affair and once you are in the city, it a fallacy not to visit the nearby places like Dhauli and Cuttack. Excursions from Bhubaneshwar are an interesting way to explore the nearby places.

Located at a distance of about 8 kms to the south of Bhubaneshwar, Dhauli is a charming place. Situated on the Daya River bank, the Dhauli hill was witness to a number of historical events among which the devastating Kalinga war warrants a special mention. The place owes its historical significance to the Ashokan rock edicts. These rock edicts can be traced back to 260 BC and are suggestive of the fact that the area might have had two administrative headquarters. Ashoka inscribed his decrees in the rocks that are legible even to the present date. Another popular tourist landmark in Dhauli is the Peace Pagoda. Topping the priority chart, as far as Tourist Attractions in Bhubaneshwar, is concerned, the Peace Pagoda captivates attention on the virtue of the structure of the stupa and the monastery located close by. You should also not skip a visit to the Saddharma Vihar Monastery and the Shanti Stupa.

Your excursions from Bhubaneshwar will also take you to Cuttack, situated 30 kms off Bhubaneshwar. This is an ancient place that has also served as the capital of the Kalinga dynasty. Touted as the commercial capital of the state, Cuttack also has myriad tourist places capable of sustaining the interest of the visitors. Cuttack is steadily making its mark as a shopper's paradise. Besides indulging in a shopping spree you can also pay visits to some of the major tourist hotspots that comprise of The Stone Revetments, Barabadi Fort, Qadam-I-Rasool and Dhavaleshwar.

Tour to Bhubaneshwar would feature the state museum that is also worth paying a look as it is home to rare and precious products of the order of copper coins, lithic and Bronze Age tools, manuscripts written on palm leaves and traditional and folk instruments of Orissa. As it is primarily famous for its astounding temples, one cannot afford to miss out on the various splendid temples that were built in the years of yore. Amazing sculptures and wonderful interior decorations depicting the mythological legends are some of the rare things that are worth visiting.

It is quite expected a traveler will surely indulge in shopping activity when he is on his Tour to Bhubaneshwar. The city is the treasure trove of a lot of shops and bazaars that are scattered in the vicinity of all the major tourist attractions. One can shop for various interesting hand made articles and silk sarees that are found in abundance here. The paintings and the products made out of the sea shells are equally alluring.

For the convenience of the huge crowds of tourists flocking in every year, there are many hotels in Bhubaneshwar available in various categories. These are set up to cater to the multifarious demand of the tourists and to offer a comfortable accommodation.


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