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History of Bhubaneshwar

Bhubaneshwar, quintessentially a temple and tank city of the state of Orissa, India features glorious Lingaraja temples that dominate extensive scenic landscape of the region. Several shrines gave in before the force of the nature. But still there are some which stood the test of time and today find their name in the important tourist attractions of the city. If you are planning a Tour to Bhubaneshwar to savor the beauty of exquisite temples, then first take a look at the history of Bhubaneshwar which will acquaint you with the basic facts of this city.

On flipping through Bhubaneshwar history pages, you will come to know that the origin of this city is as old as 7th century. It was the time span when temple architecture rose in popularity. Orissa is a touted to be one among those few places of India which maintain their distinction on the virtue of housing archaeological ruins dating back to the beginning of historical period right to the end of the Hindu rule.

The records on the historical background of Bhubaneshwar might look bit obscure especially when following Kharavela, the rise of the 'Sailodbhavas' kingdom somewhere around 7th century AD is discussed. But as per the archeological field is concerned all the obscurities have been done away with.

The history of Bhubaneshwar will also reveal that the influence of Sisupalgarh remained on the city until the middle of the 4th century. The evidence for this lies in the retrieval of the Kushana and imitation Kushana coins and clay 'bullae' that are on the patterns of Roman coins and an exclusive piece of gold that bears a late Kushana motif depicting legends in characters of the third century AD. Besides, there is a Roman head with a Roman legend also in reserve that holds testimony to it.


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