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Bhuj Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Bhuj

  • Aina Mahal Historical place in Bhuj, Gujarat
Bhuj At a Glance
  • Average Climate:8°C - 40°C
  • Best Time to Visit:September - February
  • STD Code:02832

Bhuj Tourism | Bhuj Travel Guide

Tour to Bhuj should be definitely included in the itinerary while on a Tour to Gujarat. Bhuj is located in the Kutch Region in Gujarat. Bhuj Tour gives one an opportunity to unfold the mystery of living in an area which stands as a border line for its own country as well as the neighboring country.

A sense of remoteness and space in the vast land gives the tourist an exciting opportunity to delve deep into the serenity of life in its own way. The rustic touch and the essence of India could be well felt in this part of the country where herds of cows, sheep, goats and camels passing the way are a common sight. On the other hand Bhuj is known world-wide for its rich history and culture. Bhuj has a lot to offer to the tourists who are on a tour to Bhuj.

Bhuj in Gujarat in India was founded by Maharao Hamir, a local ruler in the year 1510. In 1723, the local rulers of the city built the walls around the city. The city boasts of its status as an independent princely during the British rule. Bhuj is known for its traditional Katchi style of architecture and a Tour to Bhuj gives the tourist an opportunity to explore this architectural form in its true sense. The historical buildings present in the cities makes a tour to Bhuj more interesting.

While on a Tour to Bhuj, tourists should not miss visiting the main tourist attraction of the city. These tourist attractions comprises of Aina Mahal, Kuchch Museum, Sarad Bagh Palace, Swaminarayan Temple, Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Kachch (folk museum), Prag Mahal (New Palace) and the Cenotaph Complex.

The Aina Mahal should be on the tourist's must visit list while on a Tour to Bhuj. The Aina Mahal is also famous as the Palace of Mirrors. This palace is situated in the old part of Bhuj and was built in the 18th century. The Hall of Mirrors and the Pleasure Pool in the palace reflects the Kutchi style of architecture.

Prag Mahal is another tourist attraction in Bhuj which is often referred to as the New Palace as it was built in the year1979. The Kutch Museum of Bhuj is the oldest museum of Gujarat, which was built by Sir James Ferguson in the year 1877. The museum exhibits a good collection of artifacts. This museum should also be visited while on a trip to Bhuj in Gujarat in India. The Museum in the state of Gujarat, offers tourists a deep insight of the history and culture of Bhuj.

The Cenotaphs complex at Chattaradi should also be visited by the tourists while on a tour to Bhuj in Gujarat in India. There are several other places in and around the city which the tourists should visit while on Bhuj Tours. The villages around Bhuj like Bhujjodi, Dholavira, Padhar, Dhaneti and Dhamanka.

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