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What to Buy in Bhuj

Bhuj is a very colorful and picturesque city. The city is situated in the Kutch region of Gujarat. Bhuj is a city as well as a municipality in the Kachchh District. Established in the year 1510 by a great personality in the name of Rao Hamirji, the city has an historical importance attached to it. The city was later made the state capital in the year 1549 by another well known person in the name of Rao Khengari. The historical city of Bhuj lies at the heart of Kutch. Bhuj is well connected and well linked by many roads to the rest of the peninsula. Bhuj is quite well known for and is very proud of the extremely skilled community of craftsmen that it possesses.

Bhuj has a lot of beautiful places that are a must watch for the tourists. There are thousands of tourists every year who come from every corner of the world and from all across India to visit this wonderful and picturesque city of Bhuj.

There numerous tourist attraction spots include Cenotaphs Complex, Banni / Khavda, Narayan Sarovar, Tunda Vandha, Dhrang, Lakhpat, Aina Mahal Palace, Kera, Mata no Madh, Koteshwar, Kachchh Museum, Pragmal Palace, Kakkadbhit Yaksha, Ethnology Museum, Anjar, Kalo Dungar and the list goes on and on.

Customers need not worry about What to Buy in Bhuj. There are a wide and massive range of items on display at the bazaars, so that customers have a huge choice in front of them and need not be confused regarding What to Buy in Bhuj. The items on display in the bazaars include woolen shawls, embroidered quilts, 'Rogan' art, embroidered garments, wall hangings, glass bead work, beautiful shelves, cupboards, grain containers, leather articles, handicrafts, textiles, tie and dye, vegetables color dye printing and the list goes on. The shopkeepers are well dressed in their traditional clothing thus portraying the culture prevalent in Bhuj. After customers have known as to What to Buy in Bhuj, India, the only thing that remains is bargaining. Customers should be really good at bargaining because the shopkeepers quote higher prices.