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Shopping in Bilaspur

Tour to Bilaspur will remain incomplete if you do not walk around the small shopping joints in Bilaspur. Shopping in Bilaspur is fun as it is a completely different experience. You will find some colorful little markets for knick-knacks and souvenirs which have exceptional charm. It is not a great place to shop but it will surely cater to most of your demands. It is seen that typical tourist shopping in Bilaspur may not give you enough options.

Bilaspur town boasts of a market area which sells beautiful garments, shoes, bags, jewelries, arts, crafts and other assorted items. Different art and craft products are admired items for shopping in Bilaspur, India.

These make for remarkable showpiece, souvenirs, gift or utility items. Visit the colorful local bazaars that are replete with small and big shops.

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  • What to Buy in Bilaspur

The small markets that are dotted all over Bilaspur feature brassware, metal works, antiques and jewelry. Enjoy your tour to Bilaspur and be alert about the prices.

Bilaspur shopping turns out to be a unique experience. The tribes of the state of Chhattisgarh are amazingly skilled in making a wide variety of handicrafts. So great is the attraction of these handicrafts, that shopping in Bilaspur is almost a captivating activity for the tourists who come to visit the state. Popular shopping items in Bilaspur comprise of woodcrafts and bamboo crafts, Bell metal items, Wrought iron items, Terracotta, Stone-sculpting and Cotton fabrics. To compliment your shopping in Bilaspur there are countless Government Emporia and private shops dotted all over the town.

Shopping options abound in Bilaspur with its countless handicrafts and textiles. Local craftsmen produce an unbelievable variety of handcrafted items using natural materials like wood, stone, feathers, bamboo, bone, horn, as well as bell metal, gold, silver and paper. Hand woven fabric, Pithora paintings, colored beads and chunky jewellery, Dokra metal animals and figurines, carved woodwork are some special things available for visitors to buy. The main item in shopping in Bilaspur is the Kosa silk sarees and dress materials which catches the fancy of every traveler.