10 Stunning European Villages and Hamlets that will take your Breath Away!

The quaint, little countryside and villages in the continent of Europe are the stereotypical backgrounds in family postcards which are sent out on Christmas, New Year and even on Valentine’s Day. This is because the old-world charm and beauty of these isolated hamlets are hard to match with any other destination in the whole wide world.

The gorgeous locales have been a source of inspiration for those who aim to seek for nature’s beauty all their lives. The best sceneries in Europe can be seen in the villages of Europe. People who plan a Europe trip make sure that their itinerary includes a list of scenic villages and countryside.

These villages away from the bustling city life have their unique lures. Nowadays tourists are booking Europe Tours from India, just to feast their eyes with the beauty and exoticness of scenic European hamlets.

So what are you waiting for? Book you Europe vacation packages from India and make sure you visit the following 10 gorgeous villages in Europe.

Bled, Slovenia

On your every Europe trip, you must head out to Bled Village in Slovenia. Surrounded by Alpine trees, situated on the tranquil shores of Lake Bled, the small and peaceful village offers a private retreat away from the noisy city. The tiny island is marked by Baroque church. Tourists can picnic around the lake and then go for a hike to the top of the medieval castle where they will treat their eyes with picturesque sceneries. Do try the local specialty dish, Kremna rezina, which is definitely the best dessert one could taste in his/her life.

Bibury, England

Located amidst the hilly Cotswold Mountains region, which is given the distinction of “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”, Bilbury is one of the most beautiful places on this entire planet. The lovely village surrounded by vast expanse of meadows and traditional stone cottages that feature deep pitched roofs, takes one closer to Mother Nature. River Coln in this village is where one could go for trout fishing. The gorgeous and very popular location, Arlington Row is a must visit for all.

Tellaro, Italy

Tellaro Village in Italy features meandering roads and quaint little harbor. The secluded village surrounded by high Tellaro cliffs and pastel buildings, has a unique charm of its own that separates it from all the other Ligurian Seaside Villages. The private heaven joins the Eastern-most tip of Golfo dei Poeti which is named after several legendary poets who took inspiration from the beauty of this village, including D. H. Lawrence and Lord Byron.

Colmar, France

Colmar Village in France encompasses influences from both German and French backgrounds. The isolated and finely preserved Alsatian Village attracts mainly foodies from all around the world because of the numerous local bakeries where one could get a taste of delicious croissants and Gugelhupf. The restaurants here serve guests with dishes made with sauerkraut and foie gras. For culture tourists, the sights of architectural buildings that showcase German Gothic Art to French Neo-Baroque influences are truly spectacle.

Hallstatt, Austria

In Hallstatt Austria, the fairytale fantasies come for real. The tranquil village lures one and all with breathtaking backgrounds and sceneries. Situated on the banks of the serene Hallstätter See, the village is one of the most beautiful sights witnessed by a man. The high mountains rising from the edge of the lake are simply magnificent. The stunning ivy-covered buildings reflect the history of salt mining in the village.

Pucisca, Croatia

The water cruise along the Dalmatian coast takes one to the quaint, sunny little village of Pusica. Luxury tourists from India and all around the world are lured from all parts of the world to enjoy the gorgeous sceneries and experience the magical sights for themselves. The village is replete with gorgeous villas made from white-stone featuring terracotta roofs and thin cobblestoned alleys. Swimming in serene Adriatic Sea is a preferred tourist activity here.

Reine, Norway

For heading out to do some fishing activities in Europe, one could go to Reine Village in Norway. The village is marked with wide stunning Nordic wilderness, Sapphire bays and breathtaking mountains. There are several fishermen’s cabins here which are painted in red and have been turned into comfy guest cottages for tourists. All of them provided a direct route to tranquil Norwegian Sea. The gorgeous night sky truly mesmerizes everyone while the unending entertainment activities here keep one pumped up.

Telč, Czech Republic

The small town in the country of Czech Republic, Telč is known for housing extremely competitive bunch of people. And one must wonder what they compete about? They compete over who has the most beautiful house in the whole village! Fortunately for tourists who come here, they get to see some of the most amazing buildings and houses one could ever witness in their life. There are several refreshing cafes in here, all of them featuring traditional Renaissance architecture.

Gruyères, Switzerland

For foodies and connoisseurs all around the world, Gruyeres is the best village to visit in whole of Europe. The very popular namesake cheese with nutty flavors melting in fondue is the specialty of this peaceful Switzerland hamlet. The medieval village is surrounded by beautiful Saane River. The major attraction here is the glorious 13th century Gruyères Castle. The stunning building has caught hold of imagination of various photographers from all parts of the world.

Cong, Ireland

The Cong Village in Northern Ireland is replete with gorgeous streams, picturesque sceneries and breathtaking landscapes. The pulsating green meadows here are surrounded by herds of sheep that come here for grazing. There are several bridges here made of stones. Ashford Castle, which once existed as the primary Victorian Estate in the region, has now been turned into a luxurious heritage hotel and is a favorite haunt of honeymooners.

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