11 Must Do’s to Make Dubai Tour a Memorable Experience!

Ahlan-wa-sahlan! Welcome to Dubai. From ancient lure of traditional souks to amazing modern skyscrapers; from delicious food to shopper’s paradises; Dubai has everything to offer. How to make the best out of Dubai tour? Let’s find out…

One of the most exotic locations around the world which make for a perfect tourist destination is the Middle-Eastern countries. Out of all the Emirates in United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the most populous and popular one.

The world famous annual shopping festival in Dubai is not the only reason for the immense popularity of Dubai. There is more in Dubai… a lot more. There are so many exciting adventurous activities on offer for tourists.

The sightseeing excursions in and around Dubai will be an experience that no one can forget for a very long time. There is so much to shop around Dubai that one can spend an eternity while shopping here. The food of Dubai is trademark of Middle-Eastern delicacies and spices and is a pure delight.

10 best tips for Dubai tour that will make it the tour of your life

Attend Dubai Shopping Festival

The grandest shopping extravaganza, initiated in the year 1996, happens right here… in Dubai. It does not matter if you are a shopping freak or not, missing out on Dubai Shopping festival is a mistake that one will regret for all his/her life.

Offering the tourists all sorts of artifacts, instruments, clothes, gifts, electronic products, food items etc. at best possible rates, this festival is a pure shopper’s paradise. Apart from shopping, you can take part in the organized Film showcases, cultural and entertainment events for youngsters, luring street splays, stunning fireworks, glamorous fashion shows… and much more. Dubai Shopping Festival 2022 is set from 15th Dec 2021 to 29th Jan 2022. So hurry!

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Dress Modestly

While you are in Dubai, one should take care of following all the traditions and ethics of Dubai people. Being a Muslim city, there is a lot of attention given to what one wears in public area. Dressing should be modest and should not be revealing.

While exploring beaches women can walk around in bathing suits and bikinis but should avoid to do so on their way to the beach or when returning from the beach to their hotel. Men should not around without a shirt in any public place. Spaghetti strap tops, short skirts, Bermudas etc. are considered to be inappropriate.

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How to tackle Dubai’s heat

It is a tedious task to travel around Dubai as the city has a tough desert climate which requires a little time to get used to. There is huge risk of getting sunburn all over the body or getting dehydrated, if one is not acclimatized with dry and dreary desert climate.

It is always advisable to wear put on a lot of sun screen on your body parts and also wear a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the scorching sun, whenever traveling around Dubai outdoors. Also, you must always at every cost keep a lot of cold drinking water with which you must keep drinking at regular intervals to protect yourself from getting dehydrated.

Drinking in Dubai

Underage Drinking is a serious offence in Dubai. Even drinking around minors is considered to be in appropriate and offensive. According to the laws, a person in Dubai is legally allowed to drink when he/she reaches 21 years of age. Also, drinking in public places is also considered inappropriate behavior in Dubai and hence drinking out in the open should be avoided. There are no alcohol shops out on the streets and it is available only in bars and hotels.

Public Display of Affection should be avoided in Dubai

Any act of public display of affection out on the streets is strictly offensive in the eyes of Dubai population. Couples should even avoid holding hands out in front of the public. Also, homosexuality is strictly prohibited in Dubai and all acts related to homosexuality are banned. Dubai strictly follows the Sharia Law and hence non-married couples are also advised to arrange for separate hotel rooms for them.

Book a tour to Burj Khalifa before visiting Dubai

The demand for a tour to this building is so high that it is always advisable to book it before hitting the town. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world so it is obvious that one can see the building from far away. But the up-close and personal experience of Burj Khalifa is just unmatched. The majestic fountain called as “The Dubai Fountain” laminating with 50 colored projectors and 6,000 lights, outside Burj Khalifa is simply amazing. The night view of the building is just magical!

Experience Middle-Eastern cuisines

Dubai is the city that serves the guests with authentic and delicious middle-Eastern food. Food in Dubai is something that should not be missed. Go to any restaurants, or street shops… just stuff your mouth with some of the best culinary delights that the city has to offer and you will know why Middle-Eastern food is so popular and favored by master-chefs from all over the world. Some of the best Middle-Eastern dishes that are a “must-try” are Shawarma, Hummus, Tahini, Falafel and Tabouleh.

Gold is cheapest in Dubai

Yeah, you heard it right. Gold is available at the cheapest price in Dubai. You know what you have to do? Buy gold in Dubai. Check out Gold & Diamond Park or Gold Souk to look for amazing collection of gold ornaments. There are a lot of varieties of diamonds, platinum and silver also here. All the material here is perfectly pure, so there is no chance of you getting duped by a shrewd businessman. In fact, if you happen to like something a lot, a persistent effort might make the shopkeeper drop the price by as much as half! Buy Gold in Dubai, I repeat.

Pay attention to Laws in Dubai

One should give prime importance to reading all the laws, rules and regulations in and around Dubai. One silly mistake or ignorance or lack of awareness can lead to hassles, fines or even imprisonment. Carrying any Non-Muslim religious artifact in the city is not allowed. Also, preaching and promoting any other religion than Muslim is strictly prohibited. Pornographic magazines or videos are also banned under Dubai Law.

There are very strict laws regarding using copyright materials. Any person indulging in video or audio or paper piracy has to pay huge penalty. Possessing and distribution of controlled substances is a serious offence and the laws regarding it are very severe. So avoid all that!

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Skydive over the Palm Jumeirah Islands

If you want to give your adventure side a little tickle or a little nudge to push it to the extreme, then you must participate in the Skydiving activity over Palm Jumeirah islands. The freefall from the airplane takes you down to amazingly gorgeous locations at a massive speed of over 120 mph.

The skydiving is a tandem freefall and hence is done with an instructor and therefore is surely very safe. But the heart does not feel safe at all when taking a leap from 1000 feet above the land and hence this adventurous activity will leave a lasting impression in one’s mind.

Desert Safari in Dubai

The fun at Dubai is incomplete if you did not visit the famous deserts in Dubai. With pristine yellow sands, amidst those beautiful surroundings, travelling in jeeps or on camels, wearing the traditional clothes of Dubai people is an experience of a lifetime.

Riding on the bumpy sand dunes ion the desert on jeeps and camels is hilariously exciting! At times you get the feeling as if you might fall, but that’s what makes it really fun. Do not miss out on the opportunity to get a photograph clicked with an eagle, or to eat the yummilicious Middle-Eastern food in the evening along with the exotic belly dance performances.

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