5 Days Journey to the Skiing Capital of India – Auli

Auli was one of my dream destinations. Often referred to as the skiing capital of India- Auli has the right balance between the scenic beauty of the mighty Himalayas and adventurous snow sports.

Auli is a top-notch tourist destination in summers as well as winters. Where people love the mesmerizing view of the hill station during summers and monsoons, the place comes alive for adventure enthusiasts during winters.

I had already been here during monsoons and this time I was planning to take on some spine-chilling adventure activities in Auli during winters. With so many people already having explored this side of the hill station, I was just wanting to explore it myself.

If you are an avid traveler, you might get intrigued with the enjoyment offered by Auli but more or less there are a lot of ways and things to do in Auli throughout the year. T

his is one of those destinations where you can enjoy with family and friends because Auli comes with endless scenic beauty and a plethora of adventure activities. This travelogue is a complete Auli guide for 5 days trip that will help people planning to visit Auli during winters.

5 Days in Auli: A Guide To Help You Plan Your Perfect Trip

Where is Auli located?

Auli is one of the prime tourist destinations of Uttarakhand that is beautifully tucked amidst the Garhwal Himalayas. Auli is one of the newest members of the hill station list in India. This place perches at an altitude of 2800 m approximately and falls in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.

Road Map of Auli from Delhi

I started my road trip to Auli from Delhi, and it was an amazing journey. Not only the diverse vistas but even the entire ride gave me chills. It was a great time altogether and a memorable journey.

If you don’t live in Delhi, you can take a flight to the national capital and then hit the roads or reach the Jolly Grant Airport located in Dehradun. Jolly Grant is approximately 270 km from Auli. Anyways, if you are planning a Auli tour package from Delhi, you can take this route:

Route: Delhi- Budhana- Muzaffarnagar- Saharanpur- Dehradun- Kalsi- Keshau- Auli

This is one of the best routes to Auli from Delhi and probably the most convenient one as well. Although there are many other road routes that you can opt for.

Plan 4 Nights 5 Days Itinerary of Auli

It highly depends on person to person as to how many days they want to spend at the destination, at what speed you travel and a lot of other factors.

But an ideal duration to complete the entire trip to Auli from Delhi is 5 days. Here is how I planned and executed my trip. It might be of some help for you while iterating your trip.

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A Comprehensive Itinerary for a 5-Day Trip to Auli

Day 1: Delhi to Dehradun- And the journey begins early in the morning

I have always been a day person beginning my day early. Whenever I plan a trip, I prefer doing it in the morning. So I started early, at around 5:30 when it was still dark in Delhi. Although I was embarking on my journey, I had already visualized the entire trip in my head.

My first destination was Dehradun, and I planned on staying in Dehradun for a day. I reached Dehradun by noon because I didn’t want to rush to the destination and enjoy the entire route.

I stopped at a few places, first to have breakfast and then quick snacks. Till Roorkee, I didn’t find any problem because the roads were empty, and the National Highway is quite broad to glide through journey smoothly.

I checked into a hotel and left my bag in the room to enjoy my time exploring the city (Doon). I had lunch at one of the fine dining restaurants near Ghanta Ghar- Ali Restaurant. It was a good choice to stop by at this place because whatever I ordered was delicious.

After visiting the top-notch places in Dehradun for brief durations I headed to Mussoorie. I returned to my hotel room at 11 pm after having dinner at the same restaurant and slept.

Places I visited in Dehradun– Robber’s Cave, Parade Ground, Tibetan Market, Rajpur Road, Ghanta Ghar, Sahastradhara, and Clement Town.

Day 2: Dehradun to Auli- Finally here!

I woke up at 6 in the morning when the bell boy came over to ask for my breakfast choice. I freshened up quickly and had my breakfast. Then, I checked out from the room and started riding to my destination.

Auli from Dehardun is just about 150 km, and I was confident it would take not more than 4-5 hours to reach here. I started my journey at 7:30 and reached Auli at around 1:45. It wasn’t an easy ride. Although the entire stretch of road is well-constructed except for a few patches, it is a good ride.

Auli welcomed me with snowfall, and it was a fantastic feeling to see sheets of snow throughout the place.

After such a thrilling and enjoyable ride, I booked a room at the GMVN and relaxed. I went for a walk and had dinner by 8. Realizing an upcoming couple of days, I was getting butterflies in my stomach. I was finally here! Finally, at one of my dream destinations- the skiing capital of India- Auli.

Day 3: Auli- Enjoying the snow sports in Auli

I woke up to a chilling morning, and after having my breakfast, I headed out for some snow sports. The first thing to do in Auli, according to me, is it’s famous for Skiing. So I got to the ski-gears renting shop and hired it.

I was amazed because firstly it was my first time skiing and secondly the place was so happening, people trying to ski and unable to do that. Post enjoying it for a few hours, I started visiting the other attractions of Auli. For me, the first place was none other than the beautiful Auli Artificial Lake.

Auli Artificial Lake is one of the highest manmade lakes in the world and a top-notch place to visit in Auli. If you are traveling to Rishikesh to Auli tour package with your family or partner this can be a great place for spending some time in a tranquil environment. Take a stroll around the lake and enjoy the beauty if you are here during the monsoon.

After that, I trekked to the Gorson Bugyal and came back from the campsite. This trek is one of the best things to do in Auli in all the other seasons except winters. It was an enjoyable day indeed.

Day 4: Auli- It’s time for some Cable Car journey

It was the day when I had to make the best cable car ride of my life to date. This ride starts from Gondola in Auli and goes to Joshimath. This is a delightful ride because of the height, thrills, and even the surrounding views.

This cable car ride is one of the best activities to enjoy in Auli with friends and family. The entire ride is approximately 4 km long and costs about 1000 INR per person.

During the Auli trip, keep your cameras charged and geared up for some breathtaking pictures of the beautiful nearby places. A person gets to enjoy the view of Nanda Devi Parvat, Trishul, Chhang Bhang, and Dron parvat, on this Asia’s longest cable car ride.

After this ride, I went for the Auli chair lift. If you see yourself as a daring adventure lover, you should also try this adventure activity in Auli. The airlift is a thrilling activity that costs only 500 INR for a round trip, and it glides over the artificial lake of Auli. After enjoying these activities, I planned to have some more fun clicking pictures and enjoying the snow.

Note: On some days when there is heavy snowing, you don’t get to ride the cable car.

Day 5- Auli to Delhi- Time to return home

I woke up early in the morning and packed my bag, after which I returned home. I still remember these 5 days. Although it was just a short escape of 4 days, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Auli is truly a destination that can be visited throughout the year. But according to the time you choose to visit Auli, the beauty and things to do in Auli would highly depend on that.

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What is the best time to visit Auli to enjoy winter sports?

Although Auli has a completely different aura during summers and monsoon, you need to consider the time between November and February if you plan to visit Auli for winter sports. This is because it starts to snow in early November, and people start thronging the hill station from mid of this month.

So when I visited here in early December, I was expecting a handful of people (mostly solo travelers) here. But to my surprise, the place was decently crowded, and even kids were there with their parents enjoying the snow.

So, if you wish to enjoy the winter activities in Auli, the best time for you to visit here is between November and February.

The temperature between these months falls below zero and usually stays between -5 to -10-degrees celsius. This is an ideal temperature for any skiing destination globally, and I was lucky to have fresh snow all over the place.

What to pack for your winter trip to Auli?

While planning your trip to Auli, one of the most important things is how you pack your bag? What things do you keep? These are critical things because they can’t be neglected as the temperature you will have to bear is -8 degrees celsius on some days. So being prepared beforehand is necessary. Here are a few things to keep while traveling to Auli.


Boots are very important for you to have in your bag. If you don’t have the right boots, you might not be able to enjoy the trip because there are steep slopes in Auli and getting a grip during snowfall becomes highly difficult.

So, pack good mountain boots that won’t slip off on the floor or slopes. Your riding boots will also work absolutely fine. If you don’t have any of these, get the gumboots from Auli itself. You can rent them at the hill station.

Water-resistant jacket and pants

One of the most important things that a person should carry while going on a trip to Auli is the right jacket and pants. Both these things will keep you away from catching cold and other problems. Ensure that your clothes are snow resistant as well.

Either buy these two things from Delhi or rent them in Auli itself. You have all the options, whichever suits you better. So to shy away from any discomfort caused due to wetness, you will have to get these gears.

Sunscreen and moisturizing lotion

Another must-have thing in your bag is sunscreen and moisturizing lotion. Both these things will protect your skin while you visit Auli. So before you venture out in the sun on a bright sunny day, ensure that you get your skin protected, especially your face.


The normal riding or thermal gloves won’t be enough for you to bear the cold of Auli. You need to either have layers or thick thermal gloves; especially when you are planning a trip to Auli with family. You need to take care of the kids and that’s why gloves are also important.

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Reasons why you should visit Auli during winters?

There are a lot of reasons why a person should visit Auli. Apart from the natural beauty and exotic location, Auli offers many adrenaline-rushing activities to visitors throughout the year. If you are planning on visiting Auli with your family and friends, here is what triggers people to visit here:

The road journey

You might have heard people saying that there are beautiful places and some trails that are as beautiful as the destination. After completing this trip, I can’t agree more. The entire journey to the pristine land of Auli is breathtaking.

Although Auli’s beauty is unfathomable and unparalleled, the journey throughout is also an exception. People traveling to Auli via road enjoy the trip even before reaching the destination.

Sailing with the wind

Let’s face it; not all of us get to wake up or enjoy the Great Himalayas every day. Visiting Auli for a 4 –day trip or longer gives you a chance to enjoy and live this moment you were always longing for.

Moreover, it’s not just the valley and snow-clad peaks that you will enjoy here but even the majestic cable car ride.

There are many things in the world, be it an adventure activity or simply a spot, that gives you satisfaction and thrill. Auli is one of them. The cable car ride takes you at an altitude of 10,000 ft. It goes for more than 4 km.

Enjoy the snow

Many people love to call it “romancing with snow” but more or less, it is all about enjoying the snow and the activities that follow. Traveling to Auli in winter unlocks your chances to enjoy the snow and carry out snow-related activities.

Not everyone can witness snowfall in their life, and even if they do, to such an extent that Auli offers is rarer. So, if you wish to witness this, visiting Auli with friends in winter should be your motto. To know more about Snowfall in Auli click here!

Trekking on the white sheet

Undoubtedly, you might have trekked a lot of times in a lot of places but experiencing trekking on the white sheet is something that not everyone has done.

There are several offbeat trails in Auli where trekking enthusiasts love to enjoy this sport. All the small things make trekking in Auli one of the best adventure activities to do.


Be it traveling to Auli in summers, winters, or monsoon, one thing that this place has to offer all the time is a panoramic view of landscapes and unfathomable beauty. For avid photographers and videographers; Auli is equivalent to a paradise.

Sunset and Sunrise

Mountains are famous for offering a beautiful sunset and sunrise to all travelers and visitors; trust me, Auli won’t let you down. You get to enjoy a photo-friendly sunrise as well as the sunset in the hill station.

Delicious cuisines

Nevertheless, the food of your destination also plays an important role and trust me you will enjoy the food served in Auli and even in Joshimath.

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Mobile connectivity in Auli

Though I wasn’t using my mobile all the time but it was decent enough. If you are planning on staying in the GMVN in Auli, you will have good network coverage but on the other hand, in many places, you would fail to even get a single bar. Therefore, mobile connectivity in Auli can be said to be decent.

Total Budget of the trip to Auli

I am always looking for a budget-friendly trip so that even those who face a financial crunch can visit those destinations. Auli is also a budget-friendly destination where people can visit by spending approximately 8500 INR.

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Visiting Auli Follow These Travel Tips

  • Do ensure that your body is completely covered. It is advised to wear polaroids during your adventure sessions in the snow.
  • Try and wear more layers than thick clothes because layers would always help in locking the warmth inside in a better way.
  • Do not wear net shoes because they will seep inside the boots when you walk on snow and cause unnecessary discomfort.
  • Keep a better grade sunscreen and moisturizing agent to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays and dry wind.
  • Always keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water.
  • Either wear an excellent snow-resistant cap or keep an umbrella in your backpack. It will keep you away from any snow-related problems and help keep your head dry and warm.
  • Make sure you put on all the safety gear before indulging in any snow sport.

If you are planning your next vacation in Auli, we have the best Auli tour packages that will suit you. We offer fully customizable tour packages that you can modify as per your requirements. Contact our tour experts to plan a tour in your style.

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